Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rule 5 Roundup — Summer Weather Edition

Wonderful weather we're having.

Click image to enlarge (via Theo Spark):

And don't miss Bob Belvedere's fabulous Rule 5 entry from earlier this week: "Rule 5 News: 15 April 2011 A.D."

Here's the link-around:

Anyway, here's some link around action: Amusing Bunni's Musings, Astute Bloggers, Bob Belvedere, CSPT, Dan Collins, Eye of Polyphemus, Gator Doug, Irish Cicero, Left Coast Rebel, Mind-Numbed Robot, Legal Insurrection, Lonely Conservative, PA Pundits International, PACNW Righty, Pirate's Cove, Proof Positive, Saberpoint, Snooper, WyBlog, The Western Experience, and Zion's Trumpet.

Plus, top it off with with American Perspective, Maggie's Notebook and Zilla of the Resistance.

Let me know if I need to add your blog to the roundup.


BS Footprint said...

Nice work. I'm new to your blog, found it on Doug Ross's blog (he linked your "Going Galt? '69 more firms move jobs, facilities out of California" post).

I'm not sure if this is the right venue, but I'd love it if you could check out my blog, BS Footprint.

Mostly libertarian ramblings, like:

Liberals and Progressives - It's not too late to save yourselves


I'll know it's a gold bubble when...

Links and comments welcome!

-Mike C

Amusing Bunni said...

Thanks Don, Your coverage of the Tea Party Rally was wonderful!

Maggie Thornton said...

Thanks for the link Donald, and thanks for the TEA Party news as well.

Bob Belvedere said...

Thank you, Prof, for the kind words and the link.

I'm sitting here feeling just awful for not having given you a good reach around lately - I'll make it up to you.

Thanks again.

Zilla said...

Thanks for the linky love!