Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Banning Trolls

James B. Webb is a lot of fun to have around. The amusement factor is seriously unmatched, which is why as obnoxious as he is, I've never banned him. These are good lulz. Some time back I gave JBW a hard time about his radical atheistic progressivism: "James Webb, Atheist Hypocrite, Loves teh Gays." Come to find out then that the dude's seriously homophobic. Anyway, he was trolling away in the comments all day yesterday. It's not high-brow illumination, but what can you do? JBW's never made a principled empirical argument that he could back up, so WTF?

And speaking of trolls, the proprietor of Common Sense Political Thought's got a problem, so check the discussion that's broken out: "Open Letter to Dana Pico." Some folks are having a hard time with the free speech argument, but it's simple: Ban the pricks. It's like Amy Alkon said of the Sadly No! progressives: They're a bunch of "sick fuck adult losers." Yeah, but unlike RacistRepsac3, some are good for a few laughs, like the atheist hypocrite homophobe JBW.


JBW said...

Awww, I'm touched, Don. A whole post devoted to little old me? And you've even allowed comments this time. That's sweet of you, although you could have commissioned a new picture.

I hope that's not Trig Palin's body your friend used to make this one, I know how ghoulish you find that practice. Eh, it's probably just someone else's baby who isn't famous and doesn't agree with you politically so fuck 'em, right?

Still parroting though I see. When I called you fat back in the day you started calling me fat (even had another Photoshopped picture commissioned). So now I call you a homophobe and you... call me a homophobe. Outstanding. Couldn't find someone who would Photoshop me kicking Andrew Sullivan while he was down on the ground?

I'm beginning to suspect that Truth101 was right, that perhaps your PhD does smell faintly of Cracker Jacks. Thanks for the shout out though, you're the best. Cheers.

AmPowerBlog said...


You're almost a Fleetwood Mac song for blogging: "Ooh Ooh, you make blogging fun ... that's all I want to do ... ahhhawww!!!"

No maybe you can post your birth certificate to prove you're really JBW. That was a fake ID you posted last time I called you out, Lance.

And I'm not copying you ("parroting" sounds so lame). I'm mocking you, just like my 3rd grader mocks people who act stupid like you do all the time. Silly progressive you.

Get married, or something. Just, like, sheesh, do something decent with yourself and quit wasting your life as an atheistic Internet troll. You do work, right? Or you're collecting bennies like most Democrat statists backing Obambi? Or, well, you could be government union trying to raise taxes. That about covers it, but of course YOU SAY you're anarchist/libertarian.

Right. That's a great trick, Lance T. Ph.D.


JBW said...

Lol. Sorry, I don't get many Fleetwood Mac references, Don. Little before my time, although the Thundercock family line does have a long and proud tradition. Loooong and proud.

I'm going to explain something to you now that your third grader may have to clarify for you. Repeating the same things I say to you is parroting (or copying, if you prefer). The term comes from a bird of the same name, they repeat what you say to them (you've seen pretty pictures of them, I'm sure).

Mocking requires imagination and original thought. I've written a short play about it:

*Lights come up*

Don: Rachel Maddow is a lying progressive lesbian dirtbag.

JBW: I don't think she lies any more than anyone else in journalism, but why did you call her a lesbian just now? What does her lying have to do with her sexual orientation?

Don: Lesbos are liars because they're usually progressives, who are liars. And even though everyone lies sometimes, I'm just going to pretend that my enemies are the only ones who do it. And Maddow is gay so it's OK for me to refer to her as such every time her name comes up, even though I sometimes use the term as a slur and a pejorative. Hey, I spelled "pejorative" correctly!

JBW: So you're saying that it's OK for me to constantly refer to you as a fat black guy 'cause you are one?

Don: No JBW! Because that's RAAACIST! and WEEEIGHTIST! and GUUUYIST! and PEJOOORATIVIST! Referring to me in that manner at all is an insult even though it's true (although I haven't quite figured out why yet). Wanna hear me talk slang or use the word "FAIL" again?

JBW: No. No I don't...


Consider yourself mocked, my man. Oh, and only one of us has a government job and belongs to a union. I'll let you figure out which one (hint: it's the fat guy).

Gotta go now, I have a long day ahead of me of not worshipping magical beings and not sleeping with the same vagina for the rest of my life. TTFN. Thundercock, AWAYYYYY!

Dana said...

I see that you have plenty of love here, Dr Douglas, though perhaps they aren't quite as persistent as my worst troll.