Monday, December 19, 2011

'Unrestrained Public Grief' at Death of Kim Jong Il

Public grief? Glenn Greenwald was whining about it the other day with reference to the week-long public ceremonies for Ronald Reagan in 2004. The popular outpouring for Reagan might as well have been cooked up in some North Korean propaganda office. So, what to make of this video, at Telegraph UK:
Local television pictures appear to show North Korean officials reacting with unrestrained grief to the news of Kim Jong Il's death.

It's not just the state commissars who're publicly grieving for Dear Leader. See Blazing Cat Fur, "Oh those poor people. Forced to feign love for the little prick."

Hey, maybe Glenn Greenwald should find a gay lover in Pyongyang! Loosen the Communist Party's control of information and then those 3,000 word blog posts might find an audience!


Anonymous said...

Tears of joy, no doubt.
Cheers DD.

Dave said...

Now he's a good commie.


Dana said...

Unrestrained public grief, huh? One of my regular commenters, a Philadelphia restaurateur who styles himself "Hoagie," has a Korean wife, and apparently half of the Korean community in the Philly burbs is coming over to their house to party.

Mike's America said...

You sure this is North Korea? I thought it was an Occupy Wall street protest but I guess the clothes are too neat and the area around them too tidy.