Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dan Collins Hits the Pub

Dan Collins has an interesting post on the linguistic relativism of intentionalism, at Protein Wisdom. But what caught my eye is Dan's conclusion:

I am as proud as anybody, and with as little reason. And I’ve been thinking about what I’ve been doing here. I’ve decided that I’m going to move back over to the Pub. Increasingly, my presence in these pages, Jeff’s pages, has become a distraction, not just to some of the commenters and posters, but to me. I sometimes sit and wait greedily for comments, for praise, for what I’ve posted, compulsive and addicted as a chain smoker. I have cluttered up my life with this, and it’s Lent, and I’m trying to look out for my own spirituality. More, there are other voices whom I would like to hear, and I can’t let them impress me if I’m always looking to express myself. But the greatest reason is that I agree 100% with Jeff when he says that he misses the way this forum used to be, and I’m hoping that delivering this space back to Jeff and some other, probably better, certainly less effusive and more considered writers will bring yet another welcome change to these pages.
Dan's reference to "The Pub" is the Protein Wisdom community's backup blog.

Here's wishing Dan success, and thanks for all the links!


Mark30339 said...

Blog on Professor. You're doing great work.

Paul Maurice Martin said...

Oh, come... Effusive writing is penultimate to the max. If society suffers from anything, it's a paucity of general loquacity of which effusiveness is a most welcome, waxsome, and fulsome realization. Personally, I feel that I've been unduly influenced by Hemingway and apologize for the terse, prosaic nature of my present comment.