Friday, March 13, 2009

Extreme Energy Reach-Around Post

Do you drink "6 Hour Power" energy boosters? Have you seen their too-sexy-for-my-caffeine commercials? Instapundit has the link to "THE MOST SEXUALLY-EXPLICIT TV AD EVER?" A quick check over at "6 Hour Power" suggests that this stuff is potent: "Feel it Fast. Energy That Lasts. No Crash."

Sounds even better than the finest Peruvian flake, but legal.

In any case, I simply wanted to get a few links up for some "
Rule 5" and "Full-Metal Reach-Around" blogging before I hit the sack (although not with this "Early Bedtime Totty").

I've been meaning to send readers over to see my loyal commenter, Philippe, who's got a lovely picture of Megan Fox in a bikini, in celebration of "
International Women's Day." Well, I'll drink to that!

Ann Hataway's always worth a link as well!

Also, The Top Scrooge gives us
a sultry Eva Longoria. And Jimmy's entry featuring the super hot Christina Hendricks deserves a lot of play!

And keep in mind that women love babe-blogging, and
Monique Stewart proves the point in overdrive with the hottest Pamela Anderson upper-torso picture I've ever seen! And "hunk-blogging's" got potential, as Sister Toldjah demonstrates with an impressive early post on Hugh Jackman.

I'll still waiting for Dana's follow-up entry, but if you missed Helen Mirren in a bikini, get yourself over Common Sense Political Sense on the double! Perhaps my ace commenter Dave from Dave's Place can hop on the lovely-ladies bandwagon!

And did you know that Jessica "
Let's Take a Closer Look at Those Breasts" Valenti is getting married? Dana's co-blogger Sharon's got the scoop, with get-a-bowl-of-popcorn material from Amanda Marcotte and the feminist-hypocrites at Pandagon.

I'll have more tomorrow, dear readers ...


Philippe Ohlund said...

Thanks for linking to me, Donald! :-)

Donald Douglas said...

You're welcome, Philippe!

JBW said...

I thought we'd discussed the "dear readers" thing, Don. You were doing so well for a while there...

Philippe Ohlund said...

Megan Fox must be the most popular actress right now.

I think she's really hot!

I never saw hear wearing a hat though.

Hi, JBW!

Have you been drinking again?

Only joking! :-)

Right now I'm having a glass of Jack Daniel's with coke and ice cubes at my hotel at Sodertalje.

I will ask the barmaid for some American peanuts.