Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gupta Worried About "Financial Impact" of Gov't Post

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who is CNN's rock-star medical correspondent, will not join the Obama administration as U.S. Surgeon General. It turns out the Tom Daschle tax-cheat scandal left Gupta with a bad taste in his mouth, but the real reason is ... wait for it! ... money:

Gupta, who was once named one of the "sexiest men alive" by People Magazine, was never officially named to the post and continued to report on CNN. He did not issue a statement or explain his decision Thursday. Sources said the medical journalist told CNN executives that he wanted to devote more time to his medical practice and to his duties at the network.

But one source close to him said he was very disheartened by Daschle's fate and fearful he was not going to get a prominent role in the health reform process. Gupta has built a lucrative media empire that includes appearances on CBS as well as CNN and book deals. He had expressed concern to friends about the financial impact on his wife and children.
And so, where's the outrage on the left with these "upper-class idiots" who are actually more worried about maintaining a decent standard of living than downsizing for the "pulblic welfare"?

Oh wait! Here it is: It turns out Gupta was getting hammered for "'
his mugging of Michael Moore over Sicko' and for having a cozy relationship with drug companies." Okay, Gupta's a wingnut! Yo, you "working affluent," no criticism of left-wing freak-show movie directors and "cozy" professional partnerships with drug producers working to provide the best medical care in the world!


Dave said...

I have to wonder if part of what influenced Gupta was the fact that the Obama administration is beginning to look like the post-impact pilot house of the Titanic.