Sunday, March 1, 2009

Janeane Garofalo on Conservatives

I just visited John Hitchcock's post at Common Sense Political Thought, "Liberals Are Racists." Our good friend dove into the fever swamps of the left and came up a bit mucked. I know how it works, as I've crossed over to the nihilist zone many times.

In any case, it seems the creepiness never ends when it comes to leftists "psychoanalyizing" conservatives, as we have here with
this video of Janeane Garofalo, on Keith Olbermann's show, talking about Rush Limbaugh and the GOP:

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Anonymous said...

Darleen Click of Protein Wisdom had probably the best line ever about Janeane Garofalo: "I confess distraction when watching her, I keep wondering what year she gave up soap and shampoo for Lent and never stopped."

kreiz1 said...

Disturbing that Ms. Garofalo views conservatives as mentally deranged. Ironically, in Limbaugh's CPAC speech, he stated that liberalism is a psychosis, not an ideology. Cf,

I'd argue that they are ideological narcissists, which explains a great deal. After all, only a narcissist would believe that if you disagree with them, you're deranged.

Anonymous said...

"I'm a far better person than he is. And I don't say that with arrogance." So what's a couple of steps beyond arrogance?
Ann Coulter has said that America would be much better off if women had never been given the vote.
I have to agree with Garafalo that such monumental pomposity has to be compensation for something. But Rush is still a fount of good ideas. And none of these ad hominem attacks on Rush do a whit to lessen any of his ideas. She still seems incapable of actually show where he is right or wrong. I still remain amazed how quickly lefties will usually go directly to the personal attack. I suspect it is all part of the anger, hate and death constellation they are saddled with.

Dave said...

There are essentially two types of people in this world-those who were born with linear logic, and those who were not.

It is utterly impossible for the latter to ever understand the former.

As someone who spent over 25 years in the engineering/land surveying and computer-aided drafting and design field, I learned a long time ago that if you weren't blessed with linear logic at birth, you weren't going to develop it later in life.


Trish said...

I believe that those people who are able to speak and to recognize sarcasm, and who are able to inject humor without a punchline, are brighter than most others.
Mr. Limbaugh is pretty good at both, as is Ann Coulter, whether you like their politics or not. Do they go overboard occasionally, and have maybe too much confidence in their intellect and platform? Perhaps, but again it's a matter of taste and opinion.
When a liberal has the podium one is not allowed to argue or even complain. Most of the time they are from Hollywood or the Music industry, and they get a paid stage to spout their opinions. Rush and Ann do opinion for a living, while the liberals use their living to force their views on us.
(Not our fault that "Liberal Talk" radio doesn't work! And undisputedly it does not work.)
But those who cannot sense the sarcasm and humor in others, tend to be snievleing unhappy shrews, like Ms. Garofalo. That is her living, such as it is.
There is by the way a Dr Rossiter who has a book out on Liberalism as a disease. Check it out sometime Kreiz1, it's interesting. Not saying it's 100% fact, but it's worth looking at.

Kenneth Davenport said...

I was pretty down on "24" for the writers going soft on us, making Jack Bauer weak in the knees for having "tortured" our enemies in the name of saving us from nuclear anihilation and other disasters. But when I finally tuned in to find Janeane Garfalo working for the FBI I really wanted to puke. What a sign that nothing is safe from the leftist rantings and ravings.

Olberman, Garofalo, Penn -- they all have one thing in common: they have absolutely no qualifications to make the statements they do. But does that matter? We now have a president with no experience who knows nothing about business or the economy. Makes you realize that there is something to the Peter Principle after all!!