Friday, March 6, 2009

Leave Rush Limbaugh Alone!

The right's internecine warfare continues this afternoon with Jeff Goldstein's takedown of Patrick Frey, "Better that Patterico fails, I think" (via Memeorandum):

In suggesting that the trouble here is that Republicans are straddled with the burden of having to explain Limbaugh’s nuance, Patterico (and Allah) are not only conceding the linguistic ground to the left, they are now actually helping perpetuate what, at least on Patterico’s part, he knows to be a lie** — an out of context quote whose real meaning he admits to understanding, but whose complexities will be lost on those of, well... let’s just say lesser intellectual stock — in order to avoid confusing people who can’t be bothered to get the actual context correct, or who aren’t at all interested in getting it right. All so these folks might find it more difficult to despise the right for the way the left has decided to portray it.
Whoa, that's both barrels, and you'll have to click on the link if YOU want the full context!

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Norm said...

If the White House thinks that it can win a war with El Rushbo, then I will just grab beer and sit back and enjoy this one. Amateur hour vs a really brillant professional talker. I am letting it all ride on Rush.

AmPowerBlog said...

Rush is good, Norm, but this whole internal conservative battle is actually killing me. I'll be glad when the bloodletting's bottomed out, if that's possible.

Norm said...

Rush predicted awhile back that if Obama would win the eventual reaction would be very, very positive for the Republicans. I think he is anxious to make this prediction come true. The fact that the White House has picked a fight with him provides the perfect stage for Rush to make his prediction come true.