Sunday, April 5, 2009

Business as Usual at Daily Kos

Here's Markos Moulitas, on Twitter, using the murders of three Pittsburgh police officers as grist for political snark:

When we were out of power, we organized to win the next election. Conservatives, apparently, prefer to talk "revolution" and kill cops.
As Captain Ed notes, "Markos Moulitsas twittered his list to blame the shooting on the conservative movement, and apparently joke about the murders."

Recall that Moultisas and Daily Kos have longed claimed to represent
the "mainstream" of the Democratic Party. I've written previously about Moulitsas' representative secular demonology. But check out Caleb at Red State, "Kos & Kompany: Cop Shooting Equals Twitter Fun:

Diaries and comments at DailyKos indicting conservatives as inciters of murder are utterly commonplace. And not just at DailyKos. To a whole wing of the Democrats it’s axiomatic that Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck cause violence. I’m reminded of a recent episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, wherein he and his panel claim that the invective and hyperbole of conservative pundits is so excessive and that it invites harm on Obama, and then equate Glenn Beck with Nazi sympathizer and apologist Father Coughlin. Yes, all in the same segment. Yes, Keith “YOU’RE A FASCIST, SIR” Olbermann.

It’s very telling. Calling conservatives Nazis isn’t even hyperbole to their minds. But calling Obama’s socialist policies socialist is an incitement to murder.
There's more at Memeorandum.


Dave said...

Given that many on the left hate the police (as they often make excuses for, if not outright idolize lefty cop-killers) I am having a difficult time taking them seriously on this.

Noel Sheppard did a little research and discovered that Marxist Moulitsas had nothing at all to say about the four Oakland officers being murdered, even though it practically happened in his backyard:

(See the update near the bottom of the thread)

As for the Pittsburgh shooter Richard Poplawski being a conservative, I really don't think so, as I know no conservatives who are racist, 9/11 conspiracy kooks who associate with white supremacists:

I am guessing that had Poplawski been either a radical lefty or black, Moulitsas and his fellow cop-hater lefties would have had nothing to say about him, either.


Critical Thinker said...

If I may be so so bold and shameless, Professor. It's ashame how the Far-Left operates these days.