Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Personal Message to the Rich in America

I was interviewed by Bill Whittle when I appeared on Pajamas TV last October. Whittle's blog, Eject! Eject! Eject!, is now available at the Pajamas site, and I've been checking over there every few days for new content. You see, Whittle's one of the best conservatives writing today - always a pleasure to read.

In fact, his essay this morning is no disappointment, "
A Message to the Rich":

So let me now send a personal message to The Rich in America ...

As an American and a patriot, I implore you – I go to my knees and beg you – LEAVE NOW.

Leave. Just go away. Retire to the Cayman Islands or Bermuda or wherever, but do it now, please, while you still have some love for this country. Close your companies, fire your employees, shutter your factories and offices, sell your property, and take all of that somewhere else… better yet: somewhere scenic but poverty-stricken. Somewhere that could use some wealth creation. Somewhere that people simply are grateful to have a job in the first place. Somewhere where you will be appreciated.

You are not welcome in America any more. Take your wealth and prosperity and inventiveness and hard work and vision and insight and bold risk-taking and joy in seeing growth and wealth creation and just go away – right now, before it’s too late. Because if you stay, Joel Berg and Barack Obama and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank and Chris Dodd will continue to come after you for more and more and more and they will not ever stop – not ever – until you are forced to flee. And when that day comes, you will go with not with fond remembrances and a desire to return home, but rather a black heart and hard and bitter memories.

So on behalf of those few of us who still believe in the Land of Opportunity, I beg you and implore you, in the name of our common patriot ancestors who worked so hard and sacrificed so much so that we could become so spoiled and ungrateful: take your 60% of the total income taxes and just go away.

Because if you do, then there will no longer be an Enemy for the Left to stick it to. Then, perhaps, the half of the country that pays no income tax might have to put some skin in the game. Then, perhaps, with most of the wealth generation gone we will turn to our community organizers to provide the wealth creation, and the tax dollars, and the innovation. When you have gone the President of the United States, supported by an army of little acorns like Joel Berg, will have to start calling for the rest of us to be taxed more to address the inequality gap.
This isn't the best part. Whittle's personal confession is even better, so be sure to read the whole thing.

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MAS1916 said...

The only justice in the attack on wealth is that many of these folks are northeastern liberals who supported Obama and the Democrats in the first place.

The AIG execs that contributed to Dodd at least deserve to lose. Unfortunately, the rest of us have to be punished as well.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I wouldn't want these guys to have to pay any more in taxes than I do. And, they are so obviously earning their pay.

And some of the high paid whom you weep for; who are being asked for a few per cent more of their earning in taxes are probably doing as bad a job as Sabathia and Teixeira.

James' Muse said...

Really? These guys earned it? How exactly do these rich peopel "create" jobs? Really. Explain it to me. Unless of course you mean creating jobs in india and china. Because they sure aren't creating jobs here.

Dave said...


As long as the confiscatory 35% corporate tax rate remains as is, the nearly $14 trillion dollars that could be expanding companies and creating jobs here, will continue to be kept off shore and be used to create jobs elsewhere.