Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Springtime for Nazis and Fiscal Conservatives?

Via Tax Day Tea Party, Chad Garrison at the Riverfront Times has published a despicable hit piece, "Nazis, Angry Tax Payers Can't Wait For April Rallies in St. Louis":

It's shaping up to be springtime for Hitler - and fiscal conservatives! - next month in downtown St. Louis.

As I
mentioned earlier this month, a group of "like-minded" folks upset with the Obama administration's stimulus plan are planning a downtown rally on Wednesday, April 15.
The piece then goes on to lump Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich, and the American Family Association with the National Socialist Movement, who are demonstrating on April 18, three days after the national tea party protests. The National Socialists (Nazis) are marching to protest the Obama administration's program to eliminate "the White man."

Chad Garrison, obviously, there's no separating the tea party populists marching for limited government and the National Socialists marching for the master race.

No doubt David Neiwert would approve these smears.

Gird you loins, conservatives!

Hat Tip: The Right Side of Life.


Dave said...

I must applaud Chad Garrison for upholding the first rule of liberalism, which is to accuse the other side of being what they (liberals) themselves are.

Normally, I don't chase links, as I have little patience for it, but I did open Chad's up and read the comments.

So far, this is my favorite:

Just linking the Tea Parties with the Nazis is offensive enough, but linking my name with the Nazis is enough to send me talking to my Lawyer. Expect to hear further.


Jan said... misguided can one person be?

Or is it just plain ignorance?

If it's neither of those, then it must be pure hatred, plain and simple.

It really is despicable.

dave in boca said...

The leftist loons who called GWB every obscenity in the vast lexicon of their perp/porn imagination and called every illegal act against the US "speaking truth to power" just a few months ago, now call public gatherings with legal permits "national socialism" because it PROTESTS big government?!?

They're not called libtards for nothing, and that morally challenged collection of ethical knuckle-draggers on the far left are all over the blogosphere polluting the comment sections of thoughtful bloggers with their fecal material of the mind.

Dennis said...

Ever wonder why those who are most like the Nazis in their love for centralized government are the ones most likely to cast that name on those that are not remotely like the Nazis. I suspect it came from the fact that many in academe, after the 60's, needed to feel in the center of the political spectrum so they defined everything, like nazism, to the right and changed the definitions to fit that orientation.
If you can get people to define the central tenets of most of these "isms' they all have much in common, such as strong government with control over significant portions of the economy, healthcare, et al. Nazism, Fascism and Communism are part and parcel of the same corrupt ideas.