Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Andrew Sullivan's Latest Torture Trials Hissy Fit

Andrew Sullivan is a journalist. He's also a classic partisan blogger whose words deserve careful examination and rebuttal on the facts. Here's Sullivan this morning on the Obama administration's decision to withold Defense Department photographs of abuse of detainees:
In what can only be seen as a stunning reversal, the president is now refusing to release photographs that would help prove that the abuse and torture techniques revealed at Abu Ghraib were endemic in the Bush military. I can't help but wonder if this is related to his decision to appoint Stanley McChrystal as the commander of his Afghanistan war and occupation. There is solid evidence that McChrystal played an active part in enabling torture in Iraq, and his activities in charge of many secret special operations almost certainly involved condoning acts that might be illustrated by these photos. The MSM has, of course, failed to mention this in their fawning profiles of McChrystal.
This is a patent falsehood, exacerbated by ideological blindness. The night McChrystal was appointed the Wall Street Journal ran a major report focusing on just the issues Andrew alleges the media has systematically ignored: "Success and Scrutiny Mark General's Career."

Andrew's also freaking out that President Obama's moves toward an effective counterinsurgency operation in Afghan have garnered approving reviews from neoconservatives, including Bill Kristol, Michael Goldfarb and Max Boot. See Andrew's, "Obama, Neocon In Chief."

Note, of course, that the push for torture trials is increasingly understood as a misguided and distracting partisan witch hunt, and the administration's shift to a new COIN strategy in the Afghan war indicates President Obama's seriousness of purpose on the conflict, and he deserves the support of the American people.

Andrew Sullivan is underserving of the attention he gets, and his advocacy for criminalizing the Bush administration's military efforts, and now his excoriation of his man-crush-president, is one more sign that this guy's truly flipped his wig.

See also, "White House Indicates ‘Great Concern’ About Releasing Photos of Detainee Abuse ," and "Obama Reverses on Releasing Photos," via Memeorandum.


cracker said...

Bad form though, on the Presidents' part....

Fret thee not though.....there is a pound of flesh to be photos, but heads instead

It will be necessary ....

Libby said... every time i turn around...remember how we all called kerry a flip-flop? now we see who he trained...

dave in boca said...

Better for Obama to get it right the last time than to flip and flop & get it wrong the last time. Give the guy a bit of credit for facing down the JournoList cadres and their gentile chief honcho, Excitable Andy the non-journalist [call him an "agitpreppie"] keeps his emotional rollercoaster ride online 24/7 for us all to gape at---a regular one-ring circus.

McChrystal beats McKiernan in the Afghan theater of warfare. Read Lone Survivor for a sense of how difficult the job will be---no technobatics like the Vietnam & Gulf Wars excelled in. Close-in stuff with SEALS and Rangers and special force techniques to keep the Taliban from dominating the countryside.

How would the flaky citified JournoList political commissars understand stuff like that?

Dave said...

"Andrew Sullivan is a journalist"

There are no real journalists anymore, only partisan hacks for Obama.

What we are getting today from Sullivan and his fellow MSM Obama dog-washers is not news, but propaganda.

Idiots like Sullivan care more for trying to pin Bush and Cheney to the wall over trumped-up BS than for protecting the lives of our soldiers and citizens.