Monday, December 28, 2009

Afternoon Babe Blogging

I've been been getting calls from readers for more babe-blogging, so here's an afternoon treat via Theo Spark, "Monday Mopsies ...":

And because of the time difference, Theo's "bedtime totty" is now up as well (extra large image-click is here).


Dave said...

Hell, furgit her, I'll just take the car and go out and find ten more jezz like her.

Sorry to say, but we mens is un-curable pigs.

Oink, squeal, and then oink some more, I say.

Afta aw'll, I jezz got thru spendin' a couple 'o days cruisin' in ma favorite sista-n-law's brand spankin' new Mercedes convertible, and it was a fur magnet you wouldn't believe.

LOL-Coursin', I ain't zactly married, soz I can git awayz whit dat.