Monday, December 28, 2009

Cindy Crawford! - UPDATED!

My wife's People Magazine came today. Cindy Crawford's on the cover. I don't see it online (People's website is funky that way), but checking Crawford's own homepage, she's got some links from earlier this year. Egotastic's got a shots of Crawford sunbathing in St. Tropez from 2007. This shot below is perhaps my favorite (although I've forgotten the promotion -- Georges Marciano, if I recall???). Also, at Ask Men, "MILF wish for Cindy Crawford."

UPDATE: Photobucket's censoring this shot of Cindy Crawford, so I'll add a straight bikini pic, from 2007, "Cindy Crawford Bikini Photos In Hawaii":

Plus, while searching around for a new image, and also from a Cindy fan (Victor Field) at the comments, it turns out that the topless shot is from a Herb Ritts photo-shoot for Playboy in 1988. I also found this awesome gallery of Cindy Crawford cover shots over the years. And in other (not so great news), Pepsi's pulling out of the Superbowl advertizing blitz for 2010. Previous years have featured Cindy Crawford guzzling soda out of a can. What a babe. (Ads are going to the Internet, so at least I'm in the right business.) Added: Just found the Pepsi ad:


Dave said...

Dayem, just dayem.

'nuff said.

Cindylover1969 said...

That was from Cindy's first Playboy shoot back in 1988. I would love it if she decided to do a third one.