Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Will Alabama Democrat Parker Griffith Be RINO?

This post is updated, here: "Parker Griffith, a Blame America Democrat, to Face Conservative Primary Challenge."


Everyone's getting all excited about Alabama Representative Parker Griffith. A first-term Democrat, Griffith has announced
he's switching parties. Griffith serves Alabama's 5th congressional, and by changing parties he'll "become the first Republican to hold the historically Democratic, Huntsville-based district."

But what matters is the voting, naturally. A 5th district voter e-mailed
Michelle Malkin with this warning:


Parker Griffith DOES NOT passionately oppose government health care takeover. He voted for SCHIP, and you should have seen his campaign commercials – every one of them spoke of health care for all! He only changed his tune once the backlash for his vote for Pelosi as Speaker and the huge turn in local public opinion against government health care set in. You should have seen us at the April 15th Tea Party in Huntsville.

I live in Huntsville. I voted for Wayne Parker, a conservative Republican. I was sad to see that a Republican has never been elected to represent our congressional district. Griffith changing his party does not necessarily mean that it is a win for conservatives. He is a chameleon and afraid of losing his seat in ‘10 to true conservatives. Give Mo Brooks or Les Philip a ring – two leading conservatives who will challenge him in the next election.

I agree this is a blow to the Democrats, but whether or not it will be a true win for conservatives remains to be seen. We deserve someone who is solidly conservative (not just when to polls tell them to be) – and honest!

Your humble admirer and loyal reader,

Rebecca H.
No matter. Griffith obviously feels extremely vulnerable serving in the party of tyranny (Obama-Reid-Pelosicrats). I doubt he'll be the only congressional Democrat to change sides. But conservatives want the real thing, not RINOs. Griffith's going to have to demonstrate some bona fides in 2010, or a party switch won't preempt a primary challenge from a true limited government candidate.