Saturday, December 19, 2009

So Many People Have Come and Gone ... Their Faces Fade as the Years Go By...

I just heard Boston's "More Than a Feeling" day before yesterday, on my way home from work. (I'm snagging the video from Smitty's FMJRA.) Probably no band, with the exception of Van Halen, reminds me more of my teen years, especially around 10th grade (shortly after that, I was exposed to alternative bands like Roxy Music, and then punk -- my life wouldn't be the same again). So, enjoy an afternoon musical break with Boston.

I was sad in 2007 when Boston's lead vocalist Brad Delp passed away. His Wikipedia entry says it all:
On March 9, 2007, Delp was found dead in his home in Atkinson, New Hampshire. Delp, who was 55, died from the smoke of two charcoal grills he lit inside his sealed bathroom. He was found by his fiancee Pamela Sullivan lying on a pillow on his bathroom floor with a suicide note pinned to his shirt stating that he was a "lonely soul." The official cause of death was listed as carbon monoxide poisoning. Delp was known for his considerate nature and had left a note on the front door of his house warning that there would be carbon monoxide present. That day, the official web site for the band was taken down and replaced with the statement: "We've just lost the nicest guy in rock and roll."