Friday, December 18, 2009

Blog Wars

No doubt a few readers weren't so thrilled with my recent series on the E.D. Kain intimidation campaign. I admit: It was got pretty nasty, and wasn't all that fun. But I said what I needed to say, and E.D. Kain's spineless trickery's been noted, and his vicious designs against "American Power" have been crushed.

That said, I think by now folks realize that it's hard out there, that these attack bloggers mean business. Sometimes battles start out for seeming infractions, but when administrative superiors are brought in -- through malicious threats to material livelihood -- folks can understand how there's no backing down.

In any case, looking around the blogosphere, I'd be remiss if I didn't share some of the other -- much bigger -- blog wars that've been roiling the web at precisely the same time. Get a load of

Frey thinks he can hold this shit over my head forever.

That only works if I care. Anything that comes from you, Frey, will resonate only among the coterie of slurpers you keep penned up over at your place — and then whatever new readers you can suck in with your bullshit champion of righteousness act. The sycophantic cesspool dwellers who knuckledrag their way through my pseudo-intellectual claptrap are too busy worshipping me to pay it any mind.

And me, I READILY ADMIT TO THREATENING TO BEAT CERTAIN PEOPLE’S ASSES. And you know what? I’d still do it to most of them if we ever met up. So?

I also called you anti-semitic, though it was clear to the people here I was just pushing your buttons and trying to get you to see how fucking easy it is to turn something you didn’t mean into a “reasonable” interpretation — a lesson born out today when Mr Chaos (among others) found the adjectives you used to describe me suggestive of the kind of anti-Jew code words familiar to those with even a scant working knowledge of western lit.

So go ahead and post that, too. All your screen caps and your files and your links. Go for it. Because I don’t care.

Hopefully you won’t care when what goes around comes around.
The "Frey" in question is Patrick Frey, aka Patterico, who recently joined the witch hunt against Robert Stacy McCain. The quote above is Jeff Goldstein's. He got picked up by James Wolcott at Vanity Fair, who ridicules the Protein Wisdom blogger as a Macho Macho Man."

Then, at Protein Wisdom's Pub, in a later installment, we have, "
I don’t know if Patrick Frey is an anti-semite, but he’s quite clearly an asshole."

Frey, meanwhile, has a new post up tonight, "
Robert Stacy McCain’s Suggested Bumper Sticker About Whipping Slaves: Just a Joke."

And that's not all. King Charles is up to his sleuthing again, "
White Supremacist Blogger Robert Stacy McCain's Neo-Nazi Pal Convicted":

The Lizard Freak links to Barrett Brown's post, "My Offer to R.S. McCain Regarding His Inclusion in My Upcoming Book." And there we find this passage:

Though I have consistently linked directly to all of McCain’s various responses to the increasingly irritating and repetitive articles that I keep writing about him in hopes that some party or another within the conservative media will be forced to acknowledge the embarrassing fact of McCain’s background, McCain just as consistently refuses to provide his own readers with any real information about what it is that he and I have been discussing via e-mail and blog posts over the past couple of months, and in fact usually refrains from either linking to my posts when discussing them or even properly conveying what exactly those posts say. He has addressed several shaky claims that were made against him by someone else years ago and provided what now appears to be an extraordinarily disingenuous explanation of how he came to be connected to neo-Nazi leader Bill White, whom we are to believe was not a virulent racist just a year or two before becoming some well-known and highly-active white nationalist organizer. McCain has not managed to address how it is that he came to be writing for the white nationalist publication American Renaissance under an assumed name under which he also linked to White’s neo-Nazi website Overthrow; nor why it is that he had the fellow who runs the conservative website Free Republic delete all of his posts and comments a few years ago; nor why he spent so much time and energy in defending the institution of southern slavery; nor why it is that he is so obsessed with birth rates among whites as compared to non-whites and in fact defends teen pregnancy except in such cases as he is openly worrying about teen pregnancies among blacks and Hispanics; nor why he thinks the Confederacy to be so incredibly wonderful that he simply must be a member of such an organization as the League of the South, a radical anti-federal outfit which also has some bad qualities, such as its obvious keenness on a more theocratic sort of constitution.

Meanwhile, a small handful of conservative bloggers have deigned to acknowledge some of the evidence that has been laid out so far and sort-of-kind-of-maybe provided for the possibility that perhaps there is perhaps maybe something to all of this, maybe. The most prominent to have done so thus far is Patterico, who
has rightfully acknowledged that at least one of the quotes to which McCain has not denied ownership is “indefensible.”
Yeah. Indefensible. And Patrick claims he's not out to smear Robert Stacy McCain, nor is he "walking anything back." He's "just a guy with a web site, giving his opinions." Well, if so, he's certainly aligning pretty tightly with the rest of these smear-merchants. I know R.S. McCain's addressed the bulk of these charges at his blog -- and I'm not in the habit of following along all that closely. I laid out my best defense of Robert at my recent post, "Take It From Me, An Interracial Man in an Interracial Marriage, Robert Stacy McCain is No Racist!" That was pretty comprehensive and heartfelt. Robert can defend himself, in any case. Only he can reveal what's in his heart, and he's going to have a long chore of it, if this campaign of hatred by LGF, Patterico, and God knows who else endures. No doubt E.D. Kain will be piling on once again for good measure. Oh, the sickness of it all. But, never give in. It's dirty and despicable, but turn your back for a second and the target will be drawn. It's for keeps, so don't be playing loose on defense.

And with that, I'll just reiterate what I noted above: That if some were turned off by my recent blog war (albeit, one sided, yes, for the cowardice in my antagonist), then perhaps the blogosphere's a little too rough-and-tumble. It goes on out here, pretty nasty. And in the larger scheme, simply put, a number of bloggers, some large, some previously large (LGF), and others not so large or well-known, are out to destroy "
The Other McCain." As far as I can tell, the motives are not particularly personal. It's all about furthering the ideological attacks on conservatives as "fringe racists," and since Robert actually traveled the fringe previously, he's the target du jour.

But Robert Stacy McCain's not going down. In fact, he seems to be chugging right along.


JSF said...


I'm a simple street kid from Queens who grew up learning the rules from Old machine Politicians (that I use today fighting for the Right).

Those rules updated for the Blogosphere age are simple:

1) Never fire your Rhetorical cannon at the same people who point it in the same direction as you (Conor, Kain and dare I say Frey, don't understand this).

2) Loyalty counts. Let me repeat: LOYALTY COUNTS (That's why I keep bugging you DD to re-link the valley, even when I had health issues, I kep the link to AP).

3) The Jews are the canaries in the coalmine -- whomever atacks them (as did CJ of LGF and Andrew Sullivan) are weak kneed. And from a perspective of Right side Blogger, did you ever notice that those traveling Right to left attack Jewish Bloggers first?

4) Do not engage your allies as you would your enemies. If those on the Left cannot look upon you as a human being (cue Larisa Alexsandria), then F them. There are Left Bloggers who understand the humanity of debate, win them over and you have an ally for a future fight. And your allies? They should back you when things are hard, not easy.

5) Elections matter, so what tou write on your Blog matters. Read RS or Dan Riehl. They know an election is coming and are prepping their Blogs (and their readers) for the next cycle. Blog wars (on the Right) hinder that.

DD, yes these are my words. Quote them, but please attribute.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I know all about being smeared. I have been called everything from an Anti-Semite to a racist.

All because a dare to question some of the crap happening in the world.

Stacy McCain is just as big of a douche nozzle as Charles Johnson, if not worse.

anyhow, as a result. I get zero linkage from everyone. Because I refuse to be a veal pen Conservative.

eh, fuck 'em I say. I don't need to run with a crowd of backstabbing tools like RSM and his friends.