Sunday, December 20, 2009

Political Science and Pop Culture Blogging!

I've been reading Professor Daniel Drezner's blog for years now -- in fact, I started blogging largely because of him. He's a pretty big scholar in the political science discipline. In fact, readers might enjoy his recent article (which I blogged about earlier), "Bad Debts: Assessing China's Financial Influence in Great Power Politics." But Drezner's also a culture blogger. He used to routinely post photos of Selma Hayek, the fabulous movie star also known for her endowment. (He linked recently to an article with Ms. Hayek's picture at the Wall Street Journal.) Interestingly, Ms. Hayek majored in international relations before turning to acting! And you know, there's something about hot women and politics. Fox News' Courtney Friel is a political scientist!

Anyway, I'm mentioning all of this after checking
Drezner's blog this morning. He's updated the look a bit, with that new picture of him across the nameplate, which reads, "Daniel W. Drezner: Global Poltics, Economics, & Pop Culture."

And as readers have noticed, I've been discussing my own blogging around here, and while I may cut back on the output a bit in the new year, I'll continue to provide commentary on celebrity news and pop culture, with lots of babe blogging. I know some of my feminine readers could do without the breasts, but hey, us political scientists need our hotness diversions as well!

In any case, if I could just get
Dana at Common Sense Political Thought to post some cheesecake once in a while, I'd be good!


Dana said...

By the way, your link to Daniel Drezner's site is broken.