Friday, December 18, 2009

Rock the Vote on ObamaCare

At Yid With Lid, "DISGUSTING!!!: Rock the Vote & Hollywood Make Ad Promoting Teens Withholding Sex as Way to Sell Obamacare":

Look, I am no prude, but it seems to me that if we are going to teach our young adults to exercise their obligations as a citizen, we should be doing it in a more Adult-like way. Certainly using curse words and suggesting teens withhold sex (which they shouldn't be having anyway) is not the way to do it.

Even more important is the question whether it is responsible for a group such as Rock The Vote, to be promoting teenage sex. Because if they say don't have sex with people who are against Obamacare, they are also saying its cool to have sex with people who do.

Not surprisingly the one of the Directors of Rock The vote, is SEIU President Stern. Who maybe is just trying to increase his union rolls with teenage pregnancies.
Just a sign of the times, I'd say. And hopefully, parents will show this to their kids, asking: "Is this how you speak and act at school?" And if the teens say no, parents should respond: "Welcome to the conservative movement."

But see Hot Air, "
Rock the Vote tries out new strategy for ObamaCare." And Atlas Shrugs, "Rock the Vote: Ads Urge Youth to Trade Sex for Votes"

The morally bankrupt, leftist propaganda machine is urging young people to withhold the nooky for Obama. Is it any wonder the youth of America are vanquished?

I am serious. This is the left's legacy - the low state of the world imposed upon moral men by zombies. We gave away that which we hold most dear, our children. I can't believe I share a country with these low lives.
(Via Memeorandum.)