Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jessica Simpson's Christmas in New York!

I was reminded of Jessica Simpson while watching the Dallas game tonight. Tony Romo's a playa I guess, but I'd still be hangin' with Jessica. And now she's gettin' hot for Billy Corgan? Cant' see why. But no matter: Jessica was out and about for the Christmas holidays in New York City, and she looks simply fabulous -- sans make-up, a real turn-on in my book. According to a celebrity blog, "Jessica Simpson looks real fresh in these candid shots. I say this girl looks better with only a little make-up on. Her outfit looks great too." I couldn't agree more. More pics here, "Jessica and the Simpsons Gather For Christmas in NYC."

In case you missed it, check Smitty's Rule 5 roundup from this morning; and as always, check Theo Spark's "Bedtime Totty ... "


kreiz1 said...

Billy Corrigan with Jessica Simpson? Nooooo!!!

On the other hand, posting a Smashing Pumpkins song here wouldn't be a bad thing. They're a talented bunch.

AmPowerBlog said...

Smashing Pumpkins are pretty good, Kreiz!

kreiz1 said...

A little Tonight Tonight would work nicely... great song. But Billy & Jessica? Still trying to get my mind around that one.