Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Protest at Claire 'Joker' McCaskill's Office

I told you our friends in St. Louis have the best tea party operation in the county. From Dana Loesch, "Protesters Gather for a Second Time Outside Claire McCaskill’s Office" (Via Memeorandum):
A hundred or so protesters gathered outside of Sen. Claire McCaskill’s University City office during their lunch hours for the second time in two weeks to protest McCaskill’s continual lack of representation.

The overwhelming majority of Missouri (and national) voters oppose Harry Reid’s senate fauxcare bill, yet McCaskill is eager to play the part of the rubber stamp and help pass it in the senate – and even complains about having to do so on Christmas. This is what she wanted!

That's Jim Hoft above, of Gateway Pundit. See "Michelle Malkin & Mark Steyn Report on the National Joker Outbreak (Video)":