Thursday, December 24, 2009

Last Minute Shopping

I went out for a bit to get a couple of things. Here's the parking lot shuffle outside the Target store at the Irvine Markeplace. I picked up a couple of CDs and a gift card:

I cruised down to South Coast Plaza after that. Actually less hectic there. Warm weather today too, probably high 70s in Costa Mesa/Santa Ana. And Sorry if that's not too "Christmas-y." If folks want a White Christmas around here, theyll need to head for the high elevations. Or, perhaps folks prefer having "four seasons." See, "Withering Storms Batter the Nation as Travelers Face Delays, Deadly Conditions" ...

I parked next to this hot Chevy Camaro:

South Coast Plaza's the location for Orange County's haute couture. Lots of designer stores, like Zegna:

And Versace:

I was heading over to Nordstrom's:

Didn't actually see anything I wanted (for my wife, that is). So, I took some pics of Santa's House. Families are waiting to have their pictures taken:

I took the escalator down to get a better shot. This is the back side of Santa's House:

Santa, with one of his elves, waiting for the next family:

Okay, my wife texted. She needs to go out too. I'm heading back out to the car, but first a shot of the Brooks Brothers store:

And Guess:

And Ralph Lauren:

And Carolina Herrera:

See also, American Digest, "Something Wonderful: Last Minute Shopping":
One of the abiding delusions of the male mind is the belief it is actually possible to put off critical Christmas shopping until late on the 23rd of December. I am the apostle of this delusion. I take comfort in this false belief every year. No amount of actual experience ever shakes my conviction that it is not only possible to shop like this but economically prudent too. And every year this faith is tested and found wanting. Whatever I may save in last minute markdowns I pay for in this evening's glowing and gut-wrenching angst.


Grizzly Mama said...

I save too much of my shopping until the 23rd and 24th. More and more I'm shopping online earlier though. Hate the crowds and traffic.

Hope you found something special!

kreiz1 said...

Looking at those photos, I don't know how you deal with So Cal's blizzard-like conditions. The sheer horror of that kind of punishing weather must be exhausting. It takes a special person to deal with it. My hat goes off to you.

My reaction to the male 12/23 start date? Why start early??!

kreiz1 said...

Don't let me fool you- we Midwesterners are horribly envious.

Rich Casebolt said...

And those of us who just shoveled 20" of global warming off their Long Island driveways last weekend are a little jealous, too, Professor.

I too, am a late shopper ... and just finished wrapping my gifts to my wife, BTW.

A joyous Christmas to all!