Thursday, December 31, 2009

Finland New Year's Eve Massacre: Muslim Shooter Ibrahim Shkupolli, Dismissed as 'Lone Muslim', Alleged as KLA Terrorist Wanted by Serbia

The "lone wacko" theory is being quickly deployed by Islamist apologists following the bloody killings at Helsinki's Espoo Mall today. Roger Boyes, at the Times of London jumps to dismiss any inkling of Islamist radicalism (with bold emphasis added):
The New Year's Eve massacre in Finland was described by police as a case of domestic violence, a bloody crime of passion.

And so it was:a middle-aged man rebuffed by his ex-girlfriend broke a restraining order, killed her, then shot four of her colleagues at a supermarket before, it seems, taking his own life.

But behind the horrific crime of an apparently deranged individual there was the deep-rooted problem of social exclusion. The clue is in the name of the suspected gunman: Ibrahim Shkupolli.

Finnish sources say he was a Pristina-born Kosovo Albanian, one of the many who have settled in Finland. And therein lies a story.

Actually, that's hardly all of the story. Ibrahim Shkupolli, a suspected KLA Islamist, is an Albanian refugee from Kosovo and known drug dealer:
Police have confirmed to YLE that a sixth person found dead in Espoo on Thursday was the perpetrator of a shooting rampage at the Sello shopping mall. Four people were shot dead at the shopping centre on Thursday. A fifth victim, an ex-girlfriend of the shooter, was found dead in a flat in Espoo.

Following the incident, police began a manhunt for the suspect, Ibrahim Shkupolli. They said he was considered armed and dangerous, and had run-ins with the police in the past ....

According to an eyewitness, one or more people were shot at the Prisma grocery store. One employee was seen lying on the floor in the upper level of the shop. A man dressed in black was seen walking toward the Citymarket grocery shop.

And, at Origins of Islam, "Alleged Saudi sponsored UCK (Kosovo muslim terrorist org.) mass-murderer Ibrahim Shkupolli allegedly also murders at least five in Finland today."

Ibrahim Shkupolli is a UCK/KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army - i.e. muslim terrorists) veteran. He killed 32 Serb civilians in the Qela village in 1997. Also fought against Serb police. He is wanted in Serbia already since 1995.

That's a translation of Finnish website, and there's speculation this is an unfounded rumor (Serbian source is here, and a link from the comments). But if accurate, Shkupolli could very well have previous ties to Middle East terrorist networks. See, "German Intelligence and the CIA supported Al Qaeda sponsored Terrorists in Yugoslavia":

Both the CIA and German intelligence (BND) supported the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), a terrorist organization with links to Al Qaeda.

This report by the German TV ZDF Network, reviewed by Mira Beham, is revealing in many regards.

First the report corroborates earlier analysis on the role of the BND and the CIA in supporting the KLA, several years prior as well as in the wake of the 1999 bombing of Yugoslavia.

Second, it further documents and confirms the KLA's links to Al Qaeda and the role of the latter in the Kosovo conflict ...

That would be the Clinton administration's intelligence services. See, "The Kosovo Liberation Army: Does Clinton Policy Support Group with Terror, Drug Ties?" And, "The Connections between the KLA, Heroin and Al Qaida."

Plus, at Gates of Vienna, "Culturally Enriched Mass Murder in Finland."

See also, Doctor Bulldog, "
Islamic Terrorism Strikes Finland":
I know, just because he was a muslim doesn’t mean islam played a role in his decision to commit mass murder (yeah right).
Also, at Astute Bloggers, "IBRAHIM SHKUPOLLI, DRUG DEALING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT MURDERS 5," Gateway Pundit, "Muslim Immigrant Opens Fire – Kills 5 in Finnish Mall,," and Atlas Shrugs, "Helsinki: Bosnian Muslim Slaughters Five in Shopping Mall - Including Ex-Wife - Before Killing Himself."

And via
Memeorandum, see Barce Pundit, "ANOTHER MASSACRE."


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

"Social exclusion." Of COURSE. THAT'S it (sound of hand slapping forehead)! Why didn't we think of that beFORE??

This has NOthing to do with religion; it's about who's keeping whom down!

And, of course, who's responsible? Take a WAG.


Anonymous said...

Human sacrifice in Islam

Old Rebel said...

But -- if we don't welcome Muslim immigration, the Southern Poverty Law Center and Charles Johnson will call us bad names.

I think we'd better take our chances with a few mass murderers instead.

Tim Johnston said...

I spent a great Summer in Finland in 2004 and I hardly saw a Muslim, they were more worried about Eastern Europeans at the time. (although I suppose Albania is in Europe, geographically if in no other way).
The Finns have been colonised for almost their entire history, and now it's starting over again. What obligation to they owe anyone?

Of course, the BBC was already blaming lack of gun control in Finland - expect more on this!

Native_Bear said...

You people who said that this has nothing to do with Islam are soo ignorant. In America there is Fort Hood incident and the Northwest Airlines attempted bombing which perpetrated by Muslim. We are seeing the rise of violence done by individual Muslims, not all of them are related with terrorist organization but still they are all DANGEROUS. Western Countries should stop the influx of Muslim people to their countries or else, you will be seeing lots of violence done by this barbaric people. I know this because I'm a christian living in a unstable Muslim country and I watched lots of atrocities done by Muslim

Unknown said...

I am surprised to see this post on Donald's blog. I guess I'm used to his usual posts so when something not up to par shows up it makes me wonder.
Anyhow, I don't know the shooter. Clearly, as anyone can see is a crime committed by a mentally unbalanced person (oh, btw, it's happened here in the US quite a few times, recently too - google it). How that ties up to muslim/non-muslim I have no idea.
Regarding the flurry of non-sequiturs listed in the post (granted, quoting other sources):
- Links of UCK/KLA to al Qaeda are laughable. For starters, it's a nation that adores the US: where Bill Clinton got a statue and GWB a boulevard. Also, remember GWB's reception in Albania
- If you think that arab/muslim countries are behind Kosovo, think again, check out which countries have recognized Kosovo and you'll see that most of these muslim countries have not done so. Even more, quite a few have declared they won't.
- Regarding religion and Kosovo, just google and you'll see it doesn't match to what's written. A quick example:
Pity.... such rubbish posted on what I considered a respectable blog

Tim Johnston said...

You'll like this report then, from Ireland, it doesn't mention his religion at all..

Mentally unbalanced? maybe, but he knew how to get hold of a gun even though he wasn't a citizen.

The Kosovo conflict, whether or not it's residents were radicalised Muslims, certainly drew out that element within Europe.

It does seem unlikely that Al Qaeda was behind this one, however, but that is hardly any comfort.

Anonymous said...

Wahyu Wishnu , I am a muslim , does that mean that i am entitled,in my religion, to go to
the shop and kill as many as i can ?!?!
Wahyu Wishnu You really don´t have any clue , You are really a clueless and ignorant , you can´t
change it beceause , like many others , you are Obcessed . you can´t see further than what you want to see..
Sure like many others , some muslims are retarded , ignorant and mentally sick , what those persons do does not
reflex what they have been asked to do.
Before juging muslims take a deep look into many muslims around you and ask them from their hard if they want you
(you as not muslim) to be dead or not.
If one mother fucker with very dirty cloths and breath claiming his duty as a muslim to kill others and himself ,
you can only blaim human nature , not a community..
Please note that in the antique world we,humans ,had all kind of atrocity against humans ,muslims and christians
had all kind of rules that are classiffied now agains human right(the ones of 20th century.
I,as a muslim , don´t blaim any christian person or atheist one . simply beceause i beleave every one has the right
to beleave in any thing he or she wants.. but i am proud of my religion and my origine (you too should be proud of
yours if you have one..)
I wish to those who are paranoid of islam to serve theire energy to tolerating other humans or understanding them
rather than generating hate .. beceause hatredness generates only hatredness.
Remember that amoung thous atheists there are some who wish that all others misfortunates dies .
It is alwaise hard to be 100% neutral in our opinions and beleaves, but we have alwaise the choice to canalise our love,
hateredness or aime to understand others .. it sounds unjust to judge others before understanding them first.
In fact there is only one thing i can promese to myself : "to hate nobody", by doing so i am aware that i brought to
myself peace of mind and that i gave myself the opportunity to understand others and to "See" more closely what things are.
Please don´t be shy commenting about what i am saying here.
Happy New Year for you all out there.

Unknown said...

Viking - you better bone-up on history then since you apparently have no idea why the conflict in Kosovo happened.
It was a nationality-based conflict not a religion-based one. It is quite baffling that despite the fact that Albanians observe different religions (i.e. there are muslim, catholic and orthodox Albanians) with absolute and customary harmony among themselves (because they're Albanians first and then whatever religion they belong to) - to this day everyone parrots out the "religious conflict" spiel.
In general terms about albanians and kosovars: look at their relationships with hebrews and then the albanians/kosovars relationships with arabs and draw your own conclusions. Again - googling about it would help.

Regarding this Shkupolli idiot - again - making it part of a global jihad is as unhelpful as not tying the underwear bomber to the jihadi movement. Typical radical left ways of confusing and obfuscating matters.

Tim Johnston said...

No point, either, in getting condescending with me. Islam is not just a religion, as they are not bound by categories formed in the West.
The issue is not whether Shkupolli is some radical Muslim jihadi, part of a worldwide jihad, as the facts in this case, still emerging, make that interpretation increasingly unlikely.
But to separate his cultural origin from the shooting is unhelpful, as the press, particularly in the UK, have seen fit to blame "social exclusion" for his behaviour. Which is shorthand for 'blame the victim'.

The multiculturalists want us to believe that Finland just didn't do enough to integrate this 'poor fellow', even though they knew he had a criminal record - which is why they wouldn't give him citizenship.

One might also raise the matter of Islam's propensity to encourage spouse-killing as a way to settle relationship disputes (not that domestic violence isn't a problem in Finland; it is).

The gunman also went to a mall where his ex worked and systematically, rationally, picked off four specific people, who may have been friends of the ex-girlfriend.

As for the Kosovo conflict, the origins are many and go back many centuries. It is hard to imagine, however, that Islamic terror groups would have withheld their interest on grounds it was "merely a nationalistic conflict".

Unknown said...

Viking - apologies if it appeared I was getting condescending - definitely didn't intend it to be. It is frustrating to me however, that in a variety of forums I have to make the same "beginner's" argument over and over and over.

The so-called "multiculturalists" always have the same recipe, the "poor fellow" wasn't integrated enough - be it in Finland, US, wherever. Somehow they do miss the point that integration goes two-ways: not just efforts by the community but also by the person him/herself.
And in some instances there isn't much to be done with the types like Shkupolli or Saari or Auvinen.

Regarding islamic terrorists interest in Kosovo conflict, they definitely were interested, Kosovo population didn't want them around though.

Tim Johnston said...

@Dream Liner
thanks for clearing that up. Had a feeling we were on the same side :)