Monday, December 21, 2009

Beyond Purity: Brutal Backlash Against 'Hammering' Jane Hamsher, Netroots' Most Despised Hypocrite

I noticed this earlier, from "Hammering" Jane Hamsher, "Left/Right Populist Outrage Will Defeat Senate Health Care Bill":

And now, from Moe Lane, "Let me just push back on the Left’s attempt to co-opt…"
... the anti-health care rationing movement:
The Online Left wants to see the Tea Party movement – and the GOP, thank you very much – collectively die in a fire. They’ve been screeching about those evil, evil corporations for the last year, and fuming impotently because they can’t get any traction on it while a bunch of center-right activists put together an opposition movement that dwarfed theirs. In other words: they very, very, very badly want to try to co-opt what we (generic) built to serve their own ends.

To put it more simply: these people are not our friends ...
I'll say. Now, while Moe's not primarily focusing on Jane Hamsher, she IS the most freakin' hypocritical in all of this. No one's deployed the slur "teabagger" more gleefully than Hammering Hamsher -- and that's counting Janeane Garofalo! Recall this post from August, "Calling Colorado: Malkin’s Teabaggers Targeting Pelosi in Denver":

And of course, Hammering Hamsher's one of the left's most despicable racists. Even Daily Kos took her to task -- quite effectively, I'll add -- over her racist black-face demonology of Senator Joseph Lieberman. And linked there is an out-of-this world quotation on Hammering Jane's expedient alliances (with Phyllis Schlafly, no less!):
The left-right coalition sent a letter to members of the Senate today includes Campaign for America's Future co-director Robert Borosage, Americans for Taxpayer Reform president Grover Norquist, FireDogLake blogger Jane Hamsher, Eagle Forum president Phyllis Schlafly Campaign for Liberty president John Tate and Center for Economic and Policy Research president Dean Baker.
This is interesting, considering how the media's always focusing on "purity" tests for the right, and not to mention how much attention idiots like Charles Johnson generate by smearing folks like Robert Stacy McCain. Indeed, this is beyond purity. Folks just REVILE Jane Hamsher. A few of the other diarist at Daily Kos have jumped into the fray. See, "On Jane Hamsher and Manufactured Outrage," and "Jane Hamsher's Staff." And apparently, she's been pissing folks off on that side for some time. See, "Jane Hamsher can pucker up her Noam Chomsky lips and blow me."

And just in time, Hammering Hamsher's responded, "
An Invitation to De-Lurk":
It’s a pretty contentious time in the blogosphere. People have very different opinions about what should happen with health care reform — at FDL, we’re working to kill the Senate bill, while the top-rated diary at Kos is “Thank you Senator Reid, Senate leadership, and Staff.” Emotions are running high. Last night, this top-rated diary – which was written in response to this post that I wrote about people on the left and right joining together to oppose the Senate bill — alarmed a lot of people and brought them over here.

All of these things are okay. It’s good to have diversity of opinion and healthy debate.
Actually, no Jane, it's not okay. (And isn't "lurking" another slur? Nice way to "welcome" folks to the community!) Go back and take a look at some of those diaries. You're not just unliked, you're despised.

How's that for a demonstration of some unified left/right outrage!

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