Thursday, December 31, 2009

Folks You Meet at the Gaza Freedom March

Okay, remember my post the other day, "Gaza Freedom March - Toronto"? I posted some photos from Blazing Cat Fur along with some general information. Mostly, these folks are hardline communists. Anti-Semites too, with this Blazing follow-up providing clues: "F&CK THE JDL":
Aid requested in identifying this man ...

Now, some commenters at Blazing's previous post on this had some bright ideas. These were shot down accordingly. See, "Toronto Gaza Freedom March Alert - Can You Identify this Man?" Blazing did not photograph the anti-Semitic f-bomb man, but check the long comment thread for the full engagement.

And shoot Blazing an e-mail (listed at the sidebar) if you know the identity of the man in question.

And in related news, from the New York Times, "Egypt Allows Foreign Activists to March Into Gaza." And, from the commies, "ALL or NONE - Gaza Freedom March Rejects Egyptian Offer to Allow 100 Through."