Friday, December 25, 2009

The Obamas Non-Christmas

ABC News reports on the president's family trip to Hawaii, "Obamas Begin Hawaiian Holiday, an Annual Tradition." The Obamas will not exchange gifts, although perhaps due to the earlier outcry, Malia and Sasha will receive presents after all. (See, "Obama's "Non-Religious" White House Christmas and No Christmas Gifts for his Kids.") Plus, presidential Christmas mass is out. Lynn Sweet has the story, "The Obamas Hawaii Christmas: Will it Include Church?" With Christian church services under the bus, the Astute Blogger notes that "Barack Hussein Obama is as Christian as is convenient to be." The president wouldn't miss a trip to the gym, however, the narcissist that he is. (See, "For the Obamas, Christmas Starts at the Gym.") And don't forget the communist Christmas tree ornament controversy. (See, "Obama's Tree Festooned with Evil.") Given that disaster, the theme of president's weekly address is no coincidence. See, HotAir Pundit, "Obama Weekly Address Makes a Point To Talk About the Ornaments on the White House Christmas Tree."

And previously, Obama left out any mention of God Our Lord in his Christmas cards this year. See, "Obama Christmas Card: No Mention of Christmas, Obama vs. Bush Christmas Card Side By Side."

None of this should be surprising. Mark Schmitt,
commenting yesterday on the Senate passage of the ObamaCare monstrosity, remarked:
I've always argued that Obama viewed his central domestic mission as changing the culture and practice of American politics. The passage of health reform is a revelation of just how desperately that change is needed and how difficult it will be to achieve.
Well, maybe not so difficult, if the wholesale rejection of American Christmas traditions are any indication.

Obama Will 'Recharge' on Hawaii Vacation" (via Memeorandum).


Anonymous said...

To be honest, who cares? The country isn't going to fall apart just because Obama didn't go to church or mention god. Celebrate Christmas your way in your home with your family.

Rick Derris said...

From "President Reagan also remained in Washington over Christmas — reportedly so members of the Secret Service could be near their families — although Reagan didn't venture out to a local church service."

I'm pretty sure Reagan was a secret Muslim who was just pretending to like Jesus. Did you know his middle name was "Hussein"? True...

kreiz1 said...

I'm in Anonymous' corner here. US Constitution, Article VI, Section 3:

"The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States."

That is not to say that such matters cannot provide political fodder- they do. Rick's recollection on Reagan is accurate, though Reagan was ostensibly more religious in terms of his oratory.

kreiz1 said...

In addition, I'm wondering if the Deists among our Founding Fathers (Jefferson and Franklin come to mind) would've balked at such this notion.

Doctor Biobrain said...

Congratulations, Comrade Douglas. It is hereby understood that you have been declared a winner in the First Centennial Carnival of the Liberals: Century of the Nihilist Edition Carnival.

Your honor has been duly noted in the records and we thank you for choosing to donate your prize money to the Obama for Life Re-Election Committee. Your contribution of one million dollars will go far towards tilting the Supreme Court in the proper direction. Obama appreciates your affection and wants you to know that he loves you and is very, very proud of you.

All Hail Obama! Obama for Life!

Dave said...

Yeah, well Christmas isn't something Muslims usually celebrate, even those of the closeted variety.

Funny how this lying fraud of a former community organizer ran all up and down the campaign trail touting his "Christian" beliefs, yet once elected began shedding that image before the Obamas had even finished unpacking.

Obama having attended a "Christian" chuech for two decades was like just about everything else associated with this man - pure, premeditated deception.


Dave said...

To be honest, who cares? The country isn't going to fall apart just because Obama didn't go to church or mention god.

One would think that an intelligent person would be at least mildly concerned about Obama's deliberate deception in this area (among so many others) given the fact that he was elected head of a government that literally has acquired the power of life and death over you.

Ever wonder what else this man has been deceiving people about?