Monday, December 28, 2009

Leftists Cheer Knife-Wielding Islamist Who Threatened to Blow Up Memphis Businesses

I saw the news last night but didn't write about it for lack of information. It turns out that Mohamed Ibrahim, the alleged Muslim jihadist who treatened to blow up gas stations in Memphis Tennessee on Christmas Day, is being cheered by leftist terror apologists. The radical River Mud Company blog did a little research. If you check the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office you get this data on Ibrahim's inmate information.

The Memphis Commercial Appeal reported Saturday that Ibrahim faced terrorism charges after threatening to blow up seven local businesses. He told proprietors at the BP gas station that "If you don't close this place up, I'm going to blow it to pieces." The police report indicates that Ibrahim had Islamist paraphernalia in his car, and he was carrying a butcher knife. Responding to news reports, a number of commenters on the right are appropriately questioning the decision to release this man on bail. But to the politically correct River Mud Company blog, a menacing jihadist, armed with a deadly weapon, treathening mass destruction, is just a "lone wacko." Not only that, he's a cool wacko, since he's scared the real enemey, conservatives tired left Fort Hood apologists:

I’d wager this guy doesn’t even belong to a mosque at all, much less some sleeper cell.

All that aside, we’re talking about a guy with a butcher knife up his sleeve threatening to blow up random East Memphis gas stations on Christmas Day. Not an airplane, not a skyscraper, but the corner dine and dash. That’s not an attack on Western civilization, it’s the behavior of a disturbed individual. To his credit, though, if he was trying to scare people, he certainly frightened the wingnuts.

I suppose they have a point. Between the threat to democracy posed by this dude and the attack on our freedoms from
that other guy who set his balls on fire, how can Liberty survive?
The link at the quote goes to the communist Alternet. That "guy trying to set his balls on fire" is now under worldwide investigation for a near-catastrophic security breach that threatened hundreds of lives. The bomb materials Abdul Mutallab sought to deploy are among the most powerful currently available. In addition to the horrific loss of life, a succcessful attack could have shut down the U.S. and international aviation industry -- and the global economy -- on the scale of September 11, 2001.

So, yeah, there might be just a couple of reasons to take seriously these "lone" jihadis looking to kill untold numbers of people in an escalating holy war on the West. But it's not just the Abduls nd the Mohameds folks need to look out for. It's also the radical leftists are in total solidarity with these murderous demons, the communist-Islamist alliance against freedom.


science fiction writer said...

Jihad: an ideology of hatred used by Muslims to further the ambitions of their religion (religion used loosely). Since no central authority exists in the ideology, it can and will provoke weak minded fools to commit heinous acts.

There will be many more of the lone jihadists seeking to kill and maim innocent people, This is the next wave of Islamic Terror.

shoprat said...

There are too many idiots who can see no other enemies than Christianity, Capitalism, America and Israel. The slightest offense by any of the above is infinitely worse than any atrocity committed or attempted by a recognized victim group. They are eternally innocent by virtue of their victim group status.

Yehudit said...

"...In addition to the horrific loss of life, a succcessful attack could have shut down the U.S. and international aviation industry -- and the global economy -- on the scale of September 11, 2001. ..."

That's what these radical leftists want. Cloward-Piven strategy is not theoretical. These guys think it would be cooool maaan to shut down Western civilization. (Of course they dont connect that to the usage of their iPods and boomboxes and bluejeans and funky old VW buses. they have NO understanding of how commerce and industry work. In the new utopia, we would all voluntarily contribute to running the People's iPod Factory.)

I've talked to a few of these people, and no matter how much you think the stereotypes about them cant be that true ... they are.

Now I have to say these are the fringe of the fringe. The average normal leftist thinks shutting down international travel & commerce is not a good idea, even though he thinks it is run by nasty capitalist imperialists and would be more socially just if managed by the People's International Cooperative Airline Collective, and in that utopia terrorists would throw off their suicide belts and join in working at the Peoples' etc.