Monday, December 21, 2009

America's Socialist Revolution

From Matt Patterson, "The Socialist Revolution Has Come to America"

Many will tell you that it was the financial crisis that led to the election of Obama in 2008. It is certainly true that John McCain’s erratic response to that meltdown did nothing to enhance his chances. But the Republican goose was cooked long before Lehman by years of war, seemingly endless reports of our soldiers struggling valiantly to hold back chaos in faraway lands for reasons that were growing less clear by the day, and a Republican president who seemed frighteningly inarticulate and uncomprehending throughout. The public had simply had enough.

Into this breech stepped a charming, charismatic, seemingly moderate Democrat (he even promised tax cuts!). Barack Obama made everyone feel good — about him, about themselves, about themselves for supporting him. And America wanted, needed to feel good again; they had spilled too much blood, had too much of their own blood spilled, in the preceding eight years.

A Republican Party in tatters, a nation exhausted and desperate. Are there any other conditions under which the American people could have turned to a man like Barack Obama? For just under the smooth, smiling facade lurked a man of deep allegiance to the radical left, counting among his associates both an avowed terrorist and a raving radical preacher.

But Americans didn’t want to hear it and the media obliged them. The ideologue was soon ensconced in the White House, where he acted swiftly to upend the entirety of American society through a comprehensive, two-pronged assault:

1. The government moved to take greater control of medical care and thus one-sixth of our entire economy. The excuse? Some people don’t have insurance, don’t you know? What are the details? Good question: specifics hatched in back rooms behind closed doors, utterly incomprehensible bills that may as well be carved in hieroglyphics. What will it mean for you? Why, whatever they want it to mean, of course.

2. Efforts to criminalize a particular naturally occurring compound, CO2, picked up pace. Why have they so singled out this substance? Because it is a byproduct of work and, indeed, life itself — every time you turn on your heater, every time you drive to work, every time you sit down to eat: don’t you know these sinful behaviors must be curbed, because you are “poisoning the planet” with your every move?

Success in this double strategy would amount to nothing less than a socialist revolution. A revolution of legislative opacity and bureaucratic fiat, to be sure, but a revolution just the same, for there is literally no part of your existence they couldn’t justify controlling under the cover of “health care” and “emissions” reform. Resistance would be met at first with peaceable punishments, fines and such. But the history of such revolutions shows that, sooner or later, they enforce their dictates with bars and boots.

Think it can’t happen here? History is littered with the wreckage of free states that gave way, sometimes with a scream, often with a whimper, to autocracy and absolutism. The city that gave birth to the world’s first and greatest republic was also home to Caesar and Mussolini.

America is not immune to these forces. The tides of history are inexorable and sooner or later pull every edifice into the sea.

Image Credit: The People's Cube.


The Griper said...

a couple of more items that might play into your theory. FDR and the great depression and Obama in the deepest recession we've had.

Dave said...

The "Socialist Revolution" actually got its start in America at the end of what many erroneously refer to as the "Civil War."

The final outcome of that hideous conflict pretty much ensured that the federal government was going to be forevermore unimpeded in it's quest for more and more power over the lives of the American people.

The passage of the 16th Amendment was key here, as it was the point in our history when the federal government decided it had more of a right to what we the people earned than we did.

It's sad that so many at the time missed the true significance of that hideous development.

In the 1930's, our march to the abyss picked up its ominous pace, which turned into a bit of a trot in the 1960's with the advent of the hideous "Great Society" programs.

Now that the American people have been conditioned to believe that government is the answer to our "problems," we now find ourselves teetering on the edge of the financial and economic abyss, with a decidedly obscure former community agitator standing ready to kick us over, as he has spent trillions our children have yet to earn, much less our grandchildren.

As I see it, America has been under what is essentially an accelerated communist coup for the last 11 months, and that coup is but one Senate vote away from succeeding.

And please spare me the BS the the repubes are going to sweep into office next November and reverse all of this lunacy.

Need I remind you that the repubes took control of congress in 1994 and held it until 2006, and in all of that time they managed to reverse exactly squat.

Let's face it, 65 million of our duller fellow citizens showed up at the polls last November and screwed the proverbial pooch, and in royal fashion, too.

I have had several friends, some of which are front page contributors to very prominent conservative blogs, tell me that they had "intelligent" friends who were "duped" into voting for Obama.

Funny, as once this Obama person announced his candidacy for POTUS, it took me all of about three hours to complete the bulk of my research on this goober, and a little less than a day to noodle it all out.

Sadly, it appears intellectual laziness is not merely confined to the American left.

May God now save America, because it's people are clearly too "busy" to do so themselves.