Sunday, January 3, 2010

America Rising: An Open Letter to Democrat Politicians

A commenter just left this at my previous post ...

We elected you on a promise of hope and change. You've disappointed us. In 2010, we are taking the country back. Blue collar democrats, independents, and conservatives. We love our country. We are proud of our founders. And we will fight to protect our traditions. We don't want your revolution.

Distribute this widely. Also on YouTube.

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Diamond Mair said...

Thank you, Professor!

Semper Fi'

AmPowerBlog said...

Thank you, Diamond Mair!

Anonymous said...

Well, all I can say is that they were stupid to vote for them in the first place.

What is this "we voted for change" and "restore balance" nonsense? Sound like somebody was taken in by the last 8 years of anti-Bush propaganda to me.

One hopes that they are talking about spending here for that was the only "balance" requiring "restoration", but were they not paying attention to congress since 2006?

What we really do have to "restore" is the republic, and we must restore it back to its very roots. This has little to do with restoring any "balance" at least so far as the the last few generations go. I rather doubt that the "blue collar democrats" or enough of the "independents" are up for that one.
It means rolling back the New Deal and getting the government, Fed and and State, out of just about everything they have put their noses in the last 60 or so years. That is a rather tall order.

It is all well and good to punish them at the polls, but the corruption of electoral system makes it difficult to do any more than a rear guard action. Severe Constitutional restrictions on taxation, regulation and powers are required and equally severe punishment for violating the Constitution need to be devised and enforced. It will take a radical reawakening. Are we really up to it? If there was ever a moment this would be it.

Let us hope that we can at least get some rollback and put the "bailout" hustlers in jail.

Even this seems overly optimistic.

Perhaps the real catalyst will be the nation witnessing this Nov. just what lengths the Statists are willing to go to to hold on to power.

shoprat said...

Some of the terminology is strange (obviously directed at independents) but the video is terrific.

Ron said...

I got here from NewsReal Blog. Excellent video! I'm a liberal Jewish Dem who voted for McCain because I considered Obama a threat to Israel. Does that make me a neocon?

There's a big fear that the more Dems that get kicked out of Congress this year, the better the chances are Obama gets reelected. Another fear is that a third party will emerge and destroy the chance of more Repubs getting elected.

The thing is, there's too much at stake. Redistricting happens in 2011 so it's essential that as many Repubs get elected as possible. We also have the census this year so another threat is that millions more illegals will be counted. Grant them amnesty and let them vote in 2012 and Obama wins, no matter how angry the rest of the country is.

Skye said...

Posted the video on MidnightBlue.

Of course, in 2010 and 2012 dems will lose, but more importantly, conservatives need to take back their party from the grassroot level on up.

Anonymous said...

I lost over 200 subscribers to my newsletter in 2008 because of my warnings about the dangers of an Obama Marxist administration.

I'm guessing that most of them have returned b/c circulation is up over 2,000 from then.

MisezB said...

Whooo! VERY well put together video! 2-3 years ago, i'd have thought that was a movie trailer...and i'd be excited to watch it!! Seeing it unfold in my country, though, is another thing entirely. I hope we've got an excellent "starting line-up" this year. This election is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and we'd better not blow it!
-Amanda B.