Sunday, January 3, 2010

Closing the Embassy in Yemen? That's a Victory for al Qaeda

Okay, as promised earlier, here's the video clip of Bill Kristol hammering the administration on the strategic fallout from the attempted bombing of Flight 253. Both Britain and the United States have closed their embassies in Yemen, and Kristol is 100 percent right to say, "That's a victory for al Qaeda. This last week has been a victory for al Qaeda in that region, I'm afraid":

But hey, don't want to get too excited about this, right? Our establishment foreign policy scholars are saying an "overreaction" plays right into the hands of al Qaeda. Gee, I guess so, and that's why the administration's giving back their terrorists! We've got to keep diplomacy on track! It's essential we give Obama's year-long Yemeni initiative time to work! Hey, why not pull the navy out of the Gulf of Aden? Shoot, what al Qaeda threat? These are "rank amateurs" we're dealing with! If we can return Iranian-backed terrorists to the government in Tehran, there's no reason to diss our friends in Sana'a!


Roger Ogden said...

I have a feeling that the attacks on the US are going to accelerate in the near future. They have already increased. I is not difficult to carry out an attack in the US. It is easy to get in and there are a lot of easy targets. The terrorists are not just individuals acting alone, but certain countries have influence over them. One reason there were so few attacks during the Bush administration is that the countries that do have influence over the terrorists, knew that Bush would take strong action against them. Now they know that Obama is not serious about protecting US citizens and that he will not retaliate in an effective way. The bottom line is that you really can't stop suicide bombers from getting on airliners, without doing a stip search and rectal examination on each passenger.

Donald Douglas said...

Thanks Roger!