Saturday, January 9, 2010

Think Progress Goes After Michael Steele - And Dana Loesch!


I linked to Dana Loesch's webcast on Michael Steele's radio cancellation. Be sure to listen Dana's "
Fake Interview with RNC Chair Michael Steele." Dana's the coolest!

So, calling the RNC Chair a "butt-sniffer" gets you some props from Soros-backed communists, or something? At Think Progress, "Right-Wing Radio Host Incensed That ‘Butt Sniffer’ Michael Steele Canceled Appearance On Her Show." I guess this is one of those "eat your own" things, as indicated by the comments. But Think Progress hopes to take down everyone on the right, from the "evil" tea-parties to the Re-"thug"-licans.

Note that if Steele was a Democrat, Dana would be getting smeared as a "raaaaacist"!!

(Via Memeorandum.)


Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

Leftists cannot justify their push for communism in the USA - so they resort to lowering themselves to focus on attacking the right with racial slurs.

Liberty is color-blind.

I couldn't care less what color Michael Steele is. I'm concerned about liberty - not race. I evaluate facts.

Race demagoguery is the new low to which the left has sunk in their moral degeneration.

Opinionnation said...

If he were a Democrat... his shit would never stink. LOL

repsac3 said...

"Loesch ended up doing a “fake” interview with Steele, where she asked the questions she was planning to ask and then also gave mock answers as the RNC chairman, whom she called a “butt sniffer” for standing her up."

I didn't see Dana getting props from the post (though yeah, some of the folks who commented enjoyed it)... I just saw a quote of what the woman said...

The question is, do you disagree? Do you support Steele, or is he the butt sniffer that Dana says he is?