Friday, April 2, 2010

Heads Explode! Doctor Tells ObamaCare Supporters 'Changes to Your Healthcare Begin Right Now..."

At the Orlando Sentinel, "Mount Dora Doctor Tells Obama Supporters: Go Elsewhere." (Via Memeorandum.)

Small Dead Animals calls this "
The Dirty Little Secret of Universal Health Care." And Ed Morrissey commentary.


Photo via Deidre Lewis

But heads are exploding on the left. Shakesville wants this guy to STFU:
Doctors are entitled to their right of free speech and free association, just like anyone else. But I would also call into question his judgment and maturity as a person and as a practitioner if he is so petulant about his politics that he has to post them on his office door.
And from the comments at Think Progress:
Sorry, little repiggies, but Sarah Palin has already picked her Wasilla witch doctor to serve as Surgeon General in a Palin administration, which thankfully will not occur.

Speaking of the delightfully stupid Sarah:

Who is Trigg’s real mommie?

Who is Trigg’s real daddie?
And at the same thread, this comment has been voted down:
No matter how hard the left in this country tries, they will never be able to totally squash FREEDOM.
And further down, we find this:

Dear Teabagging Hick Terrorists,

Now is your time to step up to the plate, or shut the f**k up. Here is your anti-socialist teabagging pledge. Sign it.

I,________________, as a member of the Tea Party, take an oath that I will not use “socialist” programs such as SS, Medicare, other medical coverage provided by the Feds, take out loans from the Feds, use the Fed highways, roads, fire departments, use 911 emergency system, the police departments, the Armed Forces will not protect me, will not use libraries, schools, use cell phones, land phones since the [sic] use Fed money, over the air television or radio stations, use the internet, use Fed workers to guide my plane to an airport, public transportation, etc.

Anything that uses Fed money, included free wood from national forest, hunting land, fishing resources, camp grounds. I will ... take a chance on the food I eat, the water I use, since I will have to test it myself along with the waste water leaving my property.

If I am using or benefiting from any Fed program, I will immediately stop and return said money.

Sincerely, __________________ Date___________

Wow. Just. Wow.


science fiction writer said...

Grayson is one of the hatemongers and probably still needs psychotherapy, at least based on his encounter with a female he worked with at one time--not to mention his current hateful remarks on the floor of the Congress. (No one on the left complained about his vile rhetoric.) The encounter required psychiatric treatment for Grayson, who attacked his coworker. Doesn't he resemble Jonathon Winters?