Friday, April 9, 2010

Jodie Evans Attempts Karl Rove Arrest at Las Vegas Book Signing!

At Gateway Pundit, "Top Obama Bundler Attempts Assault on Karl Rove – Media Silent (Video)":

Actually, the media was informed in advance, "CODEPINK Activists to Protest Karl Rove Appearance, Demand Accountability, in Las Vegas."

Code Pink's got a whole schedule of Karl Rove book signing, as well as a "how-to" manual: "
Citizen's Arrest: A Simple How-To Guide."

Pure publicity, although the got a commie ear in the White House.


Pat Patterson said...

And the shortest person visible, a young blonde girl(?) is the one who not only steps in front of Mr Rove but is insistent that Evans leave the line and ultimately "escorts" her out of camera range. I can almost hear the wheels turning in Ms Evans head when she realizes that she is being escorted out not by a two-hundred pound off-duty policeman but a book store version of Kristin Chenowyth.

Rick said...

Arrest the idiot for harassment, then file a lawsuit.