Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pushback Against Move On Race-Baiting!

Great story at Politico, "Liberal Group March Meets Pushback" (via Memeorandum):

A handful of liberal groups — but only a few dozen protesters — marched on the Republican National Committee offices Thursday to denounce the threats against members of Congress during the health care vote.

But in an oddly Washington moment, the gathering of, Color of Change and CREDO, was met by Jordan Marks, a 28-year old conservative activist who interrupted the event and held up signs accusing the group of race-ba-ting.

Marks, of Young Americans for Freedom, shouted that the protestors were “politicizing race,” as the progressive groups sought to deliver a petition to RNC Chairman Michael Steele asking him to denounce threats against lawmakers and incidents of vandalism.
Of course they're politicizing race. Everyone's a racist now since Obama came to office.

And at Gateway Pundit, "
Unreal. Lib Hate Groups Demand Apology From RNC (?) -- For Fabricated Hate at Tea Party Rallies."
Of course, is the same hate group that slandered General Petraeus and created Bush-Hitler ads during the 2004 election:
But of course, idiot slob JBW will be blathering, but, b... but ... "both sides do it"!


JBW said...

Both sides do do it, Don. You're no more of a saint than I am. And "slob" was a nice touch but please come up with something a little more varied than "idiot" every time you mention me. I'm sure your readers would appreciate some variety in your ad hominem insults and name calling. Tubby.

AmPowerBlog said...

That's fail, JBW. YOU. ARE. FAIL.

Here's the definitive piece on this, and I repeat: Nothing, but nothing, compares to the evil on the left: 'Searchlight vs. L.A.: Rival Rallies Reveal Stark Right/Left Divide'.

AmPowerBlog said...

Added: 'April Fools: Fail Blogger James B. Webb on Fail President Barack Obama'.

Dennis said...

This must be the new Leftist fall back position, "Both sides do it." Did you ever notice how paranoid the left is and is becoming? A militia behind every tree, et al.
Actually pretty funny. They are using the word racism so much that it is losing any value as a pejorative and has only the meaning that the Left is losing and has no defense of their ideas.