Saturday, April 3, 2010

Racist Jews? Toronto Star 'Reporter' Trivializes Islamist Jihad Genocide Chants at JDL Protest

Part of the fight against leftist totalitarianism, and the alliance of socialism and Islam, deals with the media's disgraceful terror-enabling "objectivity."

Blazing Cat Fur's got
another piece up this morning on Denise Balkissoon, the ignorant Toronto Star "reporter" who didn't know that the "money-changer" slur is the hate language of the Holocaust. Ms. Balkissoon also tweeted that the Islamist hate slurs were nothing more than "petty" taunts. Mark Steyn noted yesterday how the West is giving up the game to the PC-jihadi industry:
Palestine House officials were caught on tape telling Jewish protesters "You need another Holocaust" and "We love jihad ... We love killing dogs ... your bitches with you". As a notorious "Islamophobe", I certainly don't begrudge anybody his Judeophobia. What I don't understand is why Canadian taxpayers should subsidize it.

Yet any attempt to roll back funding for such organizations would be met by howls of protest that the government was attacking "immigrant groups" and "human rights". Lenin famously said the west would "sell us the rope by which we will hang them". He was underestimating our suicidal stupidity: We're happy to give it away.

This is what were fighting, "A View From Toronto – A Hub of “Israel Delegitimization”."

So, my leftist readers, with whom do you stand? I'll be on
this side of the street:




Blazingcatfur said...

That young man with the flag is a US citizen who came up in support of the demo.

AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks Blazing.

There's still a few good Americans out there.

Josephine said...

Hi, thanks for the link!

In the website you linked to re. delegitimization, the name at the top is Rafeef Ziadah.

Rafeef works for Palestine House, the very place the JDL was protesting against yesterday.

AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks Josephine!

Tim said...

OK, I'll take Donald's bait...

First off, explain the "alliance of socialism and Islam" in a more objective sense. Show me some examples. This is part of your memeology, and I don't buy it. But I only ask because I'm interested to see a direct correlation. You provide none here.

The point being, genocidal Muslims are not supported by the left to my knowledge. Show some tacit support please, rather than some stupid media people.

Here's another, American, issue that you will ignore, because it doesn't fit in with your weltanschauung Donald. Read "The Family" by Jeff Sharlet. Christians in power, and their naked desire for power, is the history lesson here. And, they make no bones about the goal of totalitarian domination from the Christian right. They are secretive, they have Dems, but mostly Repubs, and they make no bones about the place of religion in government, interfering in other governments, including toppling them. (I did learn that Carter, not Reagan, first got involved with our central american shenanigans. But Reagan upped the ante.)

This is an internal threat, it's a Christian jihad that manifests itself in so many other ways.

If you had any objectivity (you have zero) you would report on these people too and not dismiss them as benign. They are not.

As for your call to action stated here, no, I don't support anyone who provides succor or shelter for radical Muslims, global jihadists, etc. There are some sensible voices on the left Donald.

AmPowerBlog said...

"The point being, genocidal Muslims are not supported by the left to my knowledge."


You need to spend time reading blogs, Tim.

The alliance of socialism and Islam is everywhere.

And I'll worry about Christian jihad when they bring down twin skyscrapers and the U.S. government's node center of national defense. But you hate America, so it's no surprise you'd be in on the fringe denial left. I'm sure you read the "troofer" literature as well. Folks like that at the link.

Tim said...

Wow, hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of people at that protest, representing the average American liberal.

Donald, I am laughing at you, not with you. I know about this protest, but as I said I don't march with extremists. Again, this is not representative. But keep going. You are doing God's work, I'm sure.

But using the twin towers metaphor is a major intellectual FAIL Donald. There are other ways to bring down a country. And if you think two towers falling can hurt America, then you are perhaps a jihadist in an American flag?

I'm not getting into the "I hate America" thing. It's just stupid.

Rich Casebolt said...

Tim, I for one have kind of missed you.

just open up your phone book and see how many different Baptist churches alone ... much less how many different evangelical-Christian churches ... there are around you.

There is a good reason for this diversity, if I can use that word ... they don't march in lockstep with each other, despite what you might believe.

In fact, the value their autonomy as churches very highly ... and also the autonomy of the individual to interpret Scripture as they see fit. There's even a doctrine for it that I am sure I have mentioned before ... "the priesthood of the believer."

Should any believer get close to the level of power you are describing, the rest of us are more than ready to take them down at the first evidence of abuse of power.

We are your first line of defense against the theocracy you fear.

Evangelicals do value personal liberty ... in part because we also have a history of undergoing persecution ... and that perceived value compels us to not only see to it that rights-respecting governance is maintained here ...

... even from the whims of the adherents to any faith, including the secular fundamentalism you dabble in ...

... but to support the establishment of rights-respecting governments in dysfunctional nations.

When you get down to it, our basic conflict is that you and your fellow Progressives want to impose your own "theocracy" of human omniscience upon us all ... and your fear is that we won't let you.

That, BTW, is a justified fear.

AmPowerBlog said...

Nice avoidance job there, Tim.

Yep, really is an socialist/Islamist alliance, and of course the twin towers metaphor is precisely apt. But I know you don't care about stuff like that, since that might derail your defense of the America haters, Mr. Denialist.

JBW said...

Completely off topic here but I feel I have to ask in the interest of full disclosure: why no comments allowed only on the posts attacking me? If you're so much more moral and superior than I Don (you're not, Lardassian), what are you so afraid of (besides spandex)? Feel free to delete this comment rather than address it; I understand that it's merely your nature to do so.

Tim said...

Rich, I didn't realize you were in the Blues Brothers. Either that, or you are Secret Service? Nice shades anyway. But I digress.

The whole point of the Family, Rich, is that it is set up in secret, non-denominational, with cells, and they point to totalitarians like Hitler and Pol Pot (in their own documentation!) to show how they can achieve their ends. The benign nature of the Prayer Breakfast is how they want to be seen. Now, if it is true what you say, that evangelicals will be the first to take down evangelicals, then great. I am relieved. But I do know what lies in the hearts of many, and it's not the optimist magnanimous nature you have Rich. I don't see you as the problem here, as much as I disagree with you. You at least think about these things. One viewing of Jesus Camp, for instance, tells me there are many unlike you.

Minor point: there is no such thing as "secular fundamentalism." Nice try though buddy.

"Some Christians say they are in conflict with “secular fundamentalism,” but what is this and does it even exist? The most basic characteristics of Christian fundamentalism can’t apply to secularism of any sort: virgin birth & deity of Jesus, substitutionary death & physical resurrection of Jesus, and a literal heaven/hell. These aren’t the limits of the concept, since the label applies to other religions, but even the characteristics which apply most broadly can’t be applied to secularism."

I'm not sure what we are arguing about here. Islamist, jihadists, whatever, are bad. Anyone who enables them = bad. But a global conspiracy amongst liberals to enable a jihadist takeover of the world, or America? Yes, just as likely that Jesus will return any day now on a white stallion. I think Jesus is more likely, actually. But this paranoid stuff has been the fodder of wing nuts for generations. Nice that you keep up the tradition Donald!

Rich Casebolt said...

Tim, secular fundamentalism starts with an argument that you should be familiar with, coming from me ...

... it starts when you state positions based on a significant amount faith as sufficiently "factual" as to somehow be beyond debate ... and therefore eligible to be exclusively promoted in our public institutions as more trustworthy and valuable than other expressions of faith.

Yes, there are some believers who have checked their brains at the door and followed mere men as de facto equivalents to God ... kind of like how Progressives have morphed respect for their own intellect into a blind faith in their own omniscience. I am careful to steer clear of such churches when I move to a new community.

However, not only are they a small minority of believers ... most of those will come to their senses and either act in opposition to the leadership, or leave and find another congregation to serve within, once things get "serious".

For every Branch Davidian or member of the People's Temple, there are MILLIONS who would stand against any effort to expand those models any farther than they went ... and the falls of those like Bakker and Swaggart, who had far more influence over the Christian community than Koresh or Jones, reinforce this.

As an aside ... my gravitar IS inspired by the Blues Brothers. In fact, the tie I have on in that picture (wearing a tie is a VERY rare event for me, BTW) features a picture of Elwood with those famous words ...

... on a mission from God ...

I'm sure that makes you feel all warm inside :) ...

Tim said...

Rich, as an American, I support your mission, whatever it is, as long as it makes you happy and hurts no one.

As for the "omniscience" thing, it makes no sense. I am not claiming that. I claim only what I know.

For the record, a disturbingly high amount of people DO believe in things like rapture fairy tales. If there is one thing I do know Rich, it's that this is not gonna happen. I'm willing to wager a whole beer on that. Look up sales figures for the Left Behind series. (And if you're Catholic, that title takes on a whole new meaning.)

Happy Easter everyone.

Blazingcatfur said...

Tim I can only speak from Canadian experience. The Canadian Peace Alliance leadership has attended the infamous Cairo Conferences where they meet to plot strategy with the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Hezbollah. In Fact James Clark the CPA's "leader" annually attends the bash in celebration of the "Iranian Revolution" hosted by our countries most vile Islamist Zafar Bangash. I would recommend two blogs which detail this alliance Terry Glavin, a Canuck, is a widely respected "man of the left" -

The other is Harry's Place which you may already be aware of.