Thursday, April 1, 2010

Steven Givler Online Back Online!

My good friend Maj. Steven Givler, USAF, is now blogging again after completing the geographical logistics of his reassignment from Saudi Arabia to Portugal.

He's taken
some photos of the scenery ...


And his new digs ...


The home features a beautiful interior, and Steven writes:
After two weeks of looking, here's what we've chosen. There are lots of newer houses, but none had the room, central location, and uniqueness of this place. It's about 5 blocks from the ocean, and within easy bicycling distance of where I'll be working.
I'm thankful for Steven's service. Stop over and comment at blog.


Steven Givler said...

Hi Donald,

Thanks for the comment and the link. I've just gotten internet at home, so I'll be posting more, and I'll finally figure out how to post a link to your site. All the best,