Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tea Party Clones of the George Wallace Fan Club!

In the words of Democrat Representative Steve Cohen:

Also, from WHNT-TV Huntsville, "Memphis Rep. Steve Cohen Decries Tea Party in Radio Interview":
U.S. Congressman Steve Cohen is drawing national attention for remarks he made about the tea party movement in a recent radio interview.

The Commercial Appeal reports that the two-term Democrat said the tea party — "without hoods and robes" — has shown an angry, hardcore side of America that's against diversity.

He made the comments Thursday night on The Young Turks, an Internet and satellite radio talk show.

Cohen went on to say tea party members have shown hostility toward anybody who isn't "a clone of George Wallace's fan club," and that he has seen no Republican standing up to appeal for reason.

Memphis Tea Party founder and chairman Mark A. Skoda calls Cohen's remarks "hate speech."
Yep, hate speech.

Pretty standard on the left. See, "
When It Comes To Hate-Speech And Violence, Liberals Rule."

Plus, at Hot Air, "
House Democrat: All That’s Missing From the Tea Party Are the Robes and Hoods" (via Memeorandum).