Thursday, April 15, 2010

Teabag Badge of Honor

A follow-up to, "Teabagging Since 1773!"

I'm a proud teabagger. Embrace the hate I say. And no one hates more than Digby the Communist. See, "
Teabag Nation" (via Memeorandum). Every caricature about extreme left-wing ideology is here, so buckle-up for radical ride:

T for Taxes

The most charitable thing to say about this is that at least some of these people are just looking for some meaning in their lives and this movement is giving it to them. (I would guess that there are a few on our side who were drawn to the progressive movement for the same reasons.) They pick the teabaggers because it's their natural tribe. It's like my sister-in-law once explained to me: "being a Democrat would be as if I were a cat having my fur rubbed backwards." So I get that.

There's nothing particularly surprising about the rest of them either. These people are nothing new. They have different iterations, but when you get right down to it they are, quite simply, the far right. They hate poor people (especially blacks) and they hate government that helps poor people (especially blacks.) They are deluded about taxes and spending and are paranoid about the government being infiltrated by "the other." They believe they are the only "true" Americans and alternate between insisting that their "traditional values" are best represented by the Bible or the Constitution, both of which they believe they are ordained by God to properly interpret. And they do not really believe in democracy which is really why they hate the government.
Cartoon Hat Tip: Theo Spark.