Friday, April 2, 2010

TNLib at The Swash Zone: Prototypical Leftist Hatemonger

Readers will recall that The Swash Zone's a hate site. The proprietor, genuinely evil, has waged a personal jihad against this blog, which culminated recently in an unsuccessful campaign of workplace harassment and intimidation. It's a group blog and one of those who writes there is TNLib, which is a pseudonym for a woman out of Nashville, Tennessee.

TNLib's left a comment at JBW's amateurism of the day (to which I responded earlier):
As you know, I share your revulsion to people like DD. I don't visit his blog - not only because he's an ignorant vicious prick but because of his commenters who are just as vile.

I have several conservatives on my blog - not because I agree with them but because they themselves write what they perceive to be well-reasoned arguments and they do so civilly. They do not rant the SOS, they are quite civil and do not make personal attacks or use racial slurs.

I visit their blogs, read their posts but never leave a comment. It is their followers who are less than human. I don't look upon these dog fights as sport and I guess there are more rewarding places to be.

People like DD are a waste of my time and energy. It's like walking into a biker joint where the beer drinkers are course, mean and where their brains are fried from too much beer and drugs. These people can not be reasoned with.

I believe in academic freedom but I can only imagine what kind of professor he is.
I can be a vicious prick (especially when deflecting neo-communist nimrods such as this), so I'll give her that. But ignorant? Not so much. Like libel blogger David Hillman, TNLib's a seething toxic dump of leftist hatred. And note that part about "can not be reasoned with." Actually, that should probably read, "he's too sharp for me to win a debate, so I'll just demonize him as a vicious prick and avoid his blog like the plague."

Folks like this aren't good people. That comment above pretty much constitutes hate mail, only let's say it was published at a screaming communist message board.

And that's the first time I've seen the "what kind of professor dig" in a while, although I'll confess: I'm a good one.

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Law and Order Teacher said...

Interesting post. I tire many times of the name-calling and vitriol on some sites. Too bad debate isn't restricted to facts. It's nice that we can control the rules of debate in our classrooms. BTW, isn't it "coarse?" Just a thought. Happy Easter to you and your family.

AmPowerBlog said...

Ha, thanks for the pickup, LOT!

LOL ... Damned elitist wench misspelled "coarse." Must not be so refined herself, LOL!

Stogie said...

Donald, I believe you are half black and half white, am I right? Funny how the leftist twerps imply you are a bigot and a racist. Do you spend time socking yourself? Ridiculous.

AmPowerBlog said...

I am, Stogie ... but they call me a bigot anyway. I guess I'm supposed to tie the noose around my own neck, LOL!

Grizzly Mama said...

What can you say to someone like that? I highly doubt the witch has conservative!

Tim Johnston said...

Donald, it should cheer you heart to know what these people think of you. Their ire should be like music to your ears - it's when they praise you that you should get worried, because then you know you have sold out!

My last attempt to "reason" with leftists ended in racial (anti-Irish) slurs and personal attacks; needless to say - on the part of the leftists.

A blessed Easter to you and yours.

repsac3 said...

Leaving all the ego and personal vitriol of post and comment aside, I wonder whether the folks who believe that Dr. Douglas cannot speak or act in racist or bigoted ways because of his heritage also feel the same about "full blood" minorities (Jesse Jackson, Sharpton, Farrakhan), or even others of mixed heritage, such as President Obama...

And even if one does believe that no black man or a "halfrican" (thanks, Rush) can be a bigot toward other black folks, what is it that prevents such a man from behaving as a bigot toward hispanics, Muslims, Christians, gay folks, Jews, or women?

Dr Douglas may or may not actually be a bigot--folks can read his words, and decide for themselves--but the argument that he can't be, because he himself has minority blood--whether made by him, or by those who would defend him--doesn't hold water, at least as far as I'm concerned...

AmPowerBlog said...

Repsac3: You can quit with the racist allegations. First, nothing Swash Zone alleges is true, so forget that. And what I've written on my own blog IS politically correct, but in no way bigoted.

As you know damned well, I love all people of all colors, races, religions, etc. I attack people on ideologocically grounds.

Finally, to keep attacking me as "Halfrican" IS racist. Show me where I've endorsed Rush Limbaugh's use of "Halfican," or where I've ever attacked Obama as "Halfican."

In sum, the bigotry is found in your desperation to get the goods on me. And you and your SWASH ZONE hordes are all about hate, as I've shown in this post on TNLib.

Leslie Parsley said...

The "witch" has several conservatives on her blog roll, L&OT among them.

The "witch" did indeed misspell a word but not while telling people to speak English.

repsac3 said...

When I allege that you have made a bigoted comment, I also quote the comment, explain why I believe it expresses bigoted thought, and allow others to decide for themselves.

In this case, I did none of that, and expressly said that whether you is or you ain't is irrelevant to the point I intended to make, which was that--contrary to the idea that in order for you (or anyone of mixed heritage) to express bigotry you would have to tie a noose around your own neck--anyone can think, speak, or act like a bigot, no matter their heritage. (Interestingly, you neglected to address that point in your reply, either in agreement or in opposition. I'd still be interested in reading replies to the point I was actually positing, on the off chance that you or anyone else here wishes to offer one...)

I have mixed feelings about the term "Halfrican," but figured that if it was good enough for Rush, it was good enough for Rush's listeners... (True, you haven't endorsed his using it, but you haven't objected to it, either...) If you believe it is a bigoted term that Rush was using, I shall refrain from referring to you in that way again. (Hopefully, Rush will do the same.)

You are, of course, welcome to answer by again alleging that I am a bigot if you wish, though I'd appreciate it if you would be so kind as to provide examples of my bigotry, if you intend to do so. If you do not, I reserve the right to cheerfully ignore your unsubstantiated charges as unworthy of consideration...