Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blogger Pamela Geller Campaigns to Stop 'Islamization of America'

My friend Pamela Geller's in the news. Yesterday she gained some attention in the New York media for her "Leave Islam" advertising campaign running on city buses. The Daily News had a piece, "Pamela Geller, blogger with Tea Party ties, launches ad crusade against 'Islamization of America'."

Video below from the local news broadcast, and also at this morning's Los Angeles Times, "Leaving Islam? Bus ads in New York are offering help: Muslims are calling the ads — paid for by a conservative activist and the organizations she leads — a smoke screen for an anti-Muslim agenda."


Unknown said...

This mosque issue would *seem* to be a red herring. Has everyone forgotten Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan's actions as solicitor general? She (successfully) argued that the 9/11 families have no right to sue Saudi Arabia, home of the 18th century Wahhabi cult (cousin-in-law to al-Qaeda and the Taliban). I would suggest that Geller and Spencer could better spend their time focusing on preventing this .. terribly misguided person from *ever* sitting on the Supreme Court. If the mosque represents some form of *symbolic* mockery of the 9/11 attacks, then Kagan as an associate justice is the real thing: a kick in the shins to everyone who lost a loved one on that terrible day.