Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hey, What About That 'Divisive Rhetoric'? Meg Whitman Gets Tough on Immigration

In March, gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman argued that our immigration rhetoric was too harsh, and that illegal aliens should be shown tolerance and respect. Well, that fluffy posture's out the window now, no doubt because polls show Arizona Jan Brewer hitting all the right notes on immigration enforcement. Recall Whitman's earlier op-ed piece, "Immigration reform, with respect":
We need common-sense solutions to the problem of illegal immigration while preserving the many benefits our state derives from legal immigration.

Too often, the rhetoric surrounding this issue has been overly divisive and disrespectful to Latino American citizens. The country needs to have a thoughtful debate about how we stop the tide of illegal immigration that strains budgets and angers taxpayers. But the immigration debate must take place in a measured way that reflects our national aspirations toward tolerance, hope and opportunity.
Yeah. Yeah. Soft and squishy. Let's not be too tough on the border-hoppers.

Now Ole Whitman's singing a different tune, "
Meg Whitman bites back on immigration":
Front-running GOP governor candidate Meg Whitman goes on the defensive in her latest TV ad – an indication that Republican opponent Steve Poizner’s attacks on his rival are effective. His emphasis on the issue of illegal immigration is seeming timely – at least among Republicans – given Arizona’s new law and support for it among some Californians.


richard mcenroe said...

Meg Whitman is a hypocritical nonentity hiding behind a hollow, dishonest commercial campaign. If she is elected as a 'vanity governor' she will make Arnold look like Ronald Reagan.

Vote for Steve Poizner in the Primary.