Saturday, May 22, 2010

How Radical Leftists Draw Muhammed

Visiting Firedoglake provides the perfect window into what's happening on the extremes of the radical left. I mean, seriously, you can't make this stuff up. When neo-communists draw Muhammed, it's with the obligatory peace sign. Follow the link at the post for more. Truly otherworldly:


Winners were announced mid-week, and pressed for time, I wasn't able to get a big entry up then. One of the best lines I read was from Mark Steyn, who noted, with regard to the Muslim world's outrage at the original Jyllands-Posten Muhammed cartoons:
... the real provocateurs are the perpetually aggrieved and ever more aggressive Islamic bullies — emboldened by the silence of "moderate Muslims" and the preemptive capitulation of western media.
It always amazes me that when anti-jihad conservatives are attacked as xenophobic racists it's not like those "moderate Muslims" are storming the gates in their defense. Mindboggling. (And it's telling when not even bikini-clad Muslim hotties are considered moderate nowadays --- go figure.)

In any case,
Blazing Cat Fur had outstanding coverage. And he adds this follow up, "The Voice of Islamic Reason ..."

And considering the Firedoglake laugher of the "peaceful" Muhammed, here comes the People's Cube with some art imitating life. Really, this is the best: "Everybody Draw a POSITIVE Mohammed Day":

Islam = Peace

Islam = Peace

Islam = Peace

More images at the link.


Tim Johnston said...

Nice one :)

I even posted those People's Cube pics on Facebook they are so good.

It's around about now the cries of "Islamophobia" start to echo from the usual grubby corners - Seriously, who is more "afraid" of Islam?
Those who stand up to it, or those who "preemptively capitulate"?