Monday, May 31, 2010

CUPE Member Ali Mallah Attacks BlazingCatFur at Anti-Netanyahu Rally!

I exchanged e-mails with Blazing Cat Fur before leaving for the Phoenix illegal immigration protest. He mentioned he'd covering an event as well, a leftist demonstration against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Well, the pro-Palestinian "peace" network was out protesting, and Blazing had a little run-in.

Five Feet of Fury has all the details and a roundup of reactions, "
My husband-blogger assaulted by union executive at anti-Israel rally, Toronto (scroll down for updates)." And Blazing Cat Fur has an update, "Video of Assault by CUPE Representative Ali Mallah to Be Featured on Michael Coren Show Tonight."

But seriously, you have to see to believe it:

CUPE is the Canadian Union of Public Employees. Atlas Shrugs has more, "Muslim Union Thug Assaults Blogger at Jihadist Anti-Jew Anti-Netanyahu Rally."