Friday, May 28, 2010

Erick Erickson is Naming Names...UPDATED!!

...In the Nikki Haley "inappropriate relationship" scandal. See, "Naming Names," which is just a teaser for the drip, drip, drip of information he's rolling out today. I'll update later.


HuffPo's reporting as well. See, "Nikki Haley, Will Folks Phone Records: Pair Had Long, Late-Night, Convsersations."

Sorry for the delay in getting back to this one ... I've been on the road getting ready for tomorrow's Arizona SB 1070 protests.

Anyway, I wonder what's up with Erick Erickson? Does the guy have the goods on Will Folks or not? I guess not. See, "
Letting the Chips Fall Where They May."

Allahpundit says no: "Red State: On second thought, we’re not sure if anyone’s paying Haley’s accuser."

And then Dan Riehl goes after the "pseudonymous boyo":

Yeah, maybe Erick screwed up on this one. But he basically admitted it, so why pile on? Because it was getting a lot of comments? How weak can you freaking get, dude?

Also, Eric's out here every day fighting the good fight without the need to hide behind some punk-assed pseudonym. And I'd rather have him in the fox hole next to me any day of the week, as opposed to some perpetual adolescent, half-baked conservative who cried out a whiny-assed alas and adieu before running away from the blogosphere because not enough people were paying attention to him before he was hired by Michelle Malkin as a snarky headline aggregator. Some of us do have memories, boyo.

Said punk should man up and lose the mask if he wants to directly criticize people with the balls to put their names and careers on the line every day as, you know, actual people; or maybe he should just stick to pics of McCain Blaghett's breasts and Palin winks before his comments drop even more and Salem Communications realizes just how easy it is to replace a pseudonymous Internet addict without a life whose big trick is slobbering over anything with breasts when he isn't comment trolling.

Say what you want about Erick. At least he isn't a punk and a cheap shot artist afraid to put his name on his posts.
Now that's a scandal!

Anyway, more at R.S. McCain, "
Background to the Carolina Scandal: Will Folks, Jake Knotts and the ‘Hit List’; UPDATE: Who Is Rod Shealy?" (Also at Memeorandum.)


Anonymous said...

I find it laughable that HuffPo believes 9:30 in the evening is a spectacularly "late into the night" telephone call, especially during a political campaign. I find the 2:30 am one a bit strange, but unless Folks has photos and recordings, he should keep his lurid accusations to himself. Phone records mean next to nothing without them in these circumstances.