Saturday, May 22, 2010

Starbucks Blogging

I'm not yet quite as skilled as Ann Althouse, where she's always got a unique café location from which to blog, for example, today "At the Living Roof Café ..."

And "café" is no metephor in my case (as is seemingly true with Ann sometimes), as I'm blogging from the Starbucks at Culver and Walnut in Irvine. The tables are a little cramped, but it's a nice spot with a lovely view from my window seat:



If you look carefully at the top picture, that's Exurban Jon's blog. He's reporting that the Lilith Fair concert in Phoenix, on July 8th, has been cancelled as part of the economic boycott of Arizona's SB 1070.

I found Jon's post via
Instapundit, and while there I clicked to follow him on Twitter. He's in AZ, and I'll be out that way next weekend for the May 29th Stand With Arizona event.

I'll probably have a couple more Starbucks posts at that time as well!


Trooper York said...

Nice pound cake.

AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks for visiting, Trooper York!