Monday, May 24, 2010

Judge Orders Drug Testing and Alcohol Monitoring for Lindsay Lohan

At Los Angeles Times, "Alcohol monitor placed on Lindsay Lohan at Beverly Hills courthouse":

A Los Angeles County judge Monday imposed a strict regime of drug testing and alcohol monitoring on actress Lindsay Lohan and said she will have to delay filming a movie in Texas because the checks must be done locally.

Judge Marsha N. Revel, at a hearing in Beverly Hills conducted because Lohan missed a mandatory court appearance last week, immediately forbade the actress from consuming alcohol, and ordered that she submit to random drug testing, attend alcohol-treatment classes weekly and wear an alcohol-testing device.

The 10-ounce ankle device, known as a secure continuous remote alcohol monitor, was put on Lohan at the courthouse.

Lohan missed an appearance in her probation hearing for driving under the influence because she said her passport had been stolen at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

At Monday's hearing, Lohan's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, told Revel the actress needed to travel to Texas to shoot a movie and wanted to submit to random alcohol testing there instead.

"She is going to have to delay that for now," Revel said. "The drug testing is going to be here."
Also at TMZ, "Judge to Lindsay Lohan - No Alcohol, No Drugs."


Dennis said...

If she keeps up at her current pace she will have more court time than a number of practicing lawyers. Given a little more time paying attention while in court she might even apply for a law degree from Harvard. Though she would have to make a concerted effort not to read laws in order to fit right in and graduate.
Same attitude..."What I don't have to read no stinkin' law" I understand they might even have a position in the Obama Justice Department. Her job would be to appear at university graduation ceremonies and make fun of laws that neither she, the faulty or the Justice Department have read.
Now I understand why Lady Justice is blind. Would you want to see these poor excuses for defenders of the law in action?