Monday, May 24, 2010

Nikki Haley Denies Blogger Sex Rumors

The image is from Nikki Haley's Wikipedia entry, and looking over her biography, this is the kind of woman who speaks volumes to equal opportunity in the United States. And honestly, I have no clue as to the local happenings in South Carolina, but this is an extremely interesting story. Of course, she's a Republican woman who's endorsed by Sarah Palin, so that'll get you half way there. (Don't believe it? Well, "Caribou Barbie" at Daily Kos is hot on the trail ... and David Waldman follows up with, "South Carolina Gone Wild!"... no doubt Andrew Sullivan will be along shortly ...). Anyway, check "In S.C., ex-Sanford protege Nikki Haley denies affair with ex-Sanford press secretary":

Nikki Haley

South Carolina is in apparent need of chastity belts. Thousands of them. Unisex, and industrial strength.

Less than a year after Gov. Mark Sanford left for his hike on the Appalachian Trail, two of his former acolytes are in a public argument over whether they slept together.

One of them – the one who says nothing happened — is Nikki Haley, the Republican candidate for governor whose campaign has been surging since an endorsement by Sarah Palin. Jenny Sanford, former wife of the South Carolina governor, is also backing her – as is Georgia’s own Erick Erickson.

Today, in what was pitched as a protest against nefarious political maneuverings, former Mark Sanford press secretary Will Folks posted the following on his Web site,

I have become the primary target of a group that will apparently stop at nothing to destroy the one S.C. gubernatorial candidate who, in my opinion, would most consistently advance the ideals I believe in. For those of you unfamiliar with the editorial bent of this website, the candidate I am referring to is S.C. Rep. Nikki Haley.

This network of operatives has made it abundantly clear that in the process of “taking down” Rep. Haley, they will also stop at nothing to humiliate me, destroy my family and take a sizable chunk out of the credibility this website has managed to amass for itself. Such is the blood sport of S.C. politics, I suppose – particularly in the wake of the scandal that consumed my former boss, Gov. Mark Sanford.

Specifically, within the last forty-eight hours several pieces of information which purportedly document a prior physical relationship between myself and Rep. Haley have begun to be leaked slowly, piece by piece, to members of the mainstream media. I am told that at least one story based upon this information will be published this week. Watching all of this unfold, I have become convinced that the gradual release of this information is deliberately designed to advance this story in the press while simultaneously forcing either evasive answers or denials on my part or on Nikki’s part.

I refuse to play that game. I refuse to have someone hold the political equivalent of a switch-blade in front of my face and just sit there and watch as they cut me to pieces.

The truth in this case is what it is. Several years ago, prior to my marriage, I had an inappropriate physical relationship with Nikki.

That’s it.

I will not be discussing the details of that relationship, nor will I be granting any additional interviews about it to members of the media beyond what I have already been compelled to confirm.

Additional information at the link. But see in particular, "Haley denies affair with blogger."

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The Kind of Blog Post That You’re Thankful Someone Else Wrote."


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Love this commment:

“I’m thinkin’ he never describes the ‘inappropriate physical contact’ ….maybe he put the make on her and she slapped the crap out of him.”

inappropriate physical contact