Friday, May 21, 2010

Mary Helen Berlanga, Radical Open Borders Attorney and Obama Democrat, Pushes Left-Wing Extremism in Texas Curriculum Battle

The Houston Chronicle has a left-leaning report, "Texas Board to Finish Social Studies Guidelines" (scroll down for the debate on President Obama's middle name). And at Dallas Morning News, "Vote on Social Studies Standards Likely Today":
One potential division was averted when a Republican board member, David Bradley of Beaumont, withdrew an amendment to list President Barack Obama's middle name, Hussein, in the standard calling on high school history students to examine the historical significance of the 2008 presidential election – the election of the country's first black president.

Fellow Republican Bob Craig of Lubbock questioned the motion. "The intent of what you're doing is pretty obvious, but I don't think it is necessarily correct," Craig said, noting that other presidents like John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan don't have their middle names listed in the standards.

Board member Mary Helen Berlanga, D-Corpus Christi, was more blunt, telling Bradley, "I'm getting pretty fed up with this conduct and the way you're trying to be derogatory. You're braying in trying to make fun here, but we're talking about a serious subject, the election of the first black president – and you're making it sound derogatory.

"These are very bad manners."
Fox News has a report as well, quoting Mary Helen Berlanga's claim that including the president's full name was "derogatory":

Well it turns out the Ms. Berlanga, the hardline leader of the leftist faction on the Texas Board of Education, is a radical open borders attorney with the Corpus Christi law firm of Bonilla and Chapa, P.C., Inc.


The firm is headed by Ruben and Tony Bonilla, who are both past national presidents of the open-borders Latino advocacy group, League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), see here and here. According to the organization's entry at Discover the Networks:

In 2005 LULAC created an online petition calling for comprehensive immigration reform that would convert all illegal immigrants currently residing in the United States, into legalized citizens. Referencing only the needs and rights of “immigrants” generically, the petition makes no distinction between legal and illegal immigrants. For example, it calls for legislation that “treats immigrants with respect” and “provides a reasonable, realistic and legal path to earned permanent residence and citizenship for those already within the United States”; it asserts that “the vast majority of immigrants … work hard and they pay taxes”; and it rejects immigration-control proposals "that criminalize immigrants and their families, and the people and organizations that come in contact with them." According to LULAC, “Since the 9/11 terrorists, efforts have been focused on terrorizing good people simply because they are foreigners.”

LULAC has joined in a broad coalition of radical LA RAZA groups to organize the economic boycott against Arizona's SB 1070 (see the neo-communist Firedoglake, "Boycotting Arizona: A Conversation With Brent Wilkes, National Executive Director of LULAC"). More from KTRK-TV Houston, "LULAC denounces immigration law in Arizona":

BONUS VIDEO: Additional clips of Mary Helen Berlanga advocating the radical revisionist open-borders school agenda: