Thursday, May 20, 2010

Debating the Right to Discriminate

My motivation on this issue, first, is to pushback against the radical left's "racist" Rand Paul meme. I do, second, appreciate the free speech claims that underlie the libertarian argument. And no one is talking about going back to pre-1964 American politics (despite what the nihilists at Firedoglake and elsewhere would have).

Besides, Megyn Kelly looks great:

Previously: "Rand Paul Sets the Record Straight," and "Rand Paul on Rachel Maddow: 'IDEOLOGICAL EXTREMISM = RACISM'."

Added: From Melissa Clouthier, "The Predictable Treatment of Rand Paul."


Kyle J said...

Though I see where John is comming from...I dont believe that his view is logically sound. He makes a giant leap by saying that private businesses (that exist within the public realm and serve the public) and associations (such as a Christian club or the Boy Scouts which do not necessarily exist within a public business arena) are equal. I would have to agree with Melissa here, free speech is acceptable, as long as it is in the Private confines of your own sphere...if you are in any way serving the "public", your right to discriminate should be restricted.

Dennis said...

Maybe I am missing it, and considering some of the trolls you get I would not blame you, I cannot find your email. I thought you and your readers might enjoy this link:

david7134 said...

I lived in Mississippi when this law was passed. I felt then and I feel now that it was an intrusion of government into private business and lives that was not necessary. Attitudes of racial discrimination were being fostered by our government. If the government had changed its policy and waited, then this attitude would have prevailed. Instead, we are left with a situation were this law is called out for the most idiotic of situations. Currently, it is unacceptable for whites to discriminate but ok for any other race. Go figure.

Chris Mallory said...

Private businesses aren't serving the "public" they are serving their customers. There is a big difference.