Monday, May 24, 2010

Sarah Ferguson Caught on Video in $750K Bribery Scandal‎

I'm still shaking my head at this one. At Times of London, "Duchess of York caught in tabloid sting":

THE Duchess of York has been filmed in a newspaper sting apparently offering to sell access to her former husband Prince Andrew.

Sarah Ferguson is alleged to have asked for a $40,000 (£27,650) golden handshake in cash from a reporter posing as a representative of an Indian company and for £500,000 to be sent to her bank.

In return she is said to have promised an introduction to Prince Andrew, who works as an unpaid special representative for UK Trade & Investment, a government agency, saying: “Look after me and he’ll look after you . . . you’ll get it back tenfold. I can open any door you want.”

There is no suggestion that Prince Andrew was ever aware of the meetings or the claims said to have been made by the duchess.

Ferguson, 50, whose American promotions company Hartmoor folded with debts of £650,000 last October, is also reported as saying: “I could bring you great business. I’d like to think that if I, for example, if I introduced you to . . . Andrew, for example . . . and he opened up doors for you which you would never possibly do. Then, depending if it was a very big deal with, I don’t know, I can’t imagine, then each deal you and I discuss the percentage of it.”
More at the link.

But it's News of the World that worked the sting. See, "CASH FOR ROYAL ACCESS SENSATION: 'Andrew said to me: 'Tell him £500,000'. Look after me and he'll look after you'; Desperate Fergie lies to make money out of Prince."


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Again emphasizing the immaterial, obscure and outdated nature of a "kingdom" and the vacuosity of its "royalty." About as royal and significant as my houseplant.